Is Marvel keeping the appearance of Beta Ray Bill in Thor Love and Thunder a Secret?

We are here to give a big date on the upcoming installment of Thor Love and Thunder as a big hype is building up through the period time. The upcoming installment of Thor stands out to be the most anticipated one as everyone is excited to cover more of the story from the title as it would be the last installment and thus it means that the story is headed to the closure afterall.

The fans on the other hand are excited to cover what more will the story has to offer and it is for sure that the title would be keeping ahead of some surprises at the time. Mentioning the part that the movie is being discussed and talked throughout and other predictions are also being put forward at the time such as that Loki might return in the upcoming installment of Thor but nothing has been confirmed so far whereas mentioning that some of the surprising appearances could actually be made in the final installment of the title due to the reason of Multiverse.

Beta Ray Bill is set to appear in Thor Love and Thunder

The trailer of Thor Love and Thunder has also been out and it is capturing the attention of the audience at the time and giving over a glimpse of what big play of events would be set in the upcoming title.

Moreover to mention that there are talks currently that the trailer which was out recently is secretly setting the part where Beta Ray Bill shall be moving ahead to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4 and some big discussions are being shed through at this point of the period.

The solo film of Thor would stand out to be its biggest one yet and thus the character will also be appearing in the next installment of Guardians of the Galaxy as the supporting role and this is how the links are being made at this point in time.

One of the other big talks regarding the storyline from the title includes that Thor and Korg would return to Sakaar after a good period of time. The one thing in the plot which is making sense at the time is that Beta Ray Bill could make its return afterall on the planet in order to protect the character of Jeff Goldblum another reason which is being talked about is that the rebellion would be led against him.

So there are a number of possibilities that Beta Ray Bill would return in Thor Love and Thunder and thus it also fits with the storyline which will be delivered at the time. It is yet to see what more the upcoming title has in store for the audience and how the big story will be played out as the big hype is building up at the time and more would be known once the title hit the screens.

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