Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra DATING RUMOR Coming from The Witcher Season 2 Set, Relationship Timeline and More

Anya Chalhotra has recently been cast for a Hollywood exclusive premium series. The actress has been a new addition to the blockbuster Netflix series, namely The Witcher season 2. She is working along with Henry Cavill and looks like she is enjoying her work a lot. Meanwhile, amid all these, we have also heard about the recent rumors which claim that Henry Cavill is dating Anya Chalhotra. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

All You Need To Know About Anya Chalhotra Is Down Here! Is She Really Dating Henry Cavill?

Anya Chalotra has recently stepped into the Hollywood industry. She originates from India but was initially raised up in the UK. Back in her childhood day, she was very much into acting and singing. And just a few days back, we heard she has been cast for The Witcher season 2. Anya is really excited to get on board with the second season of the Netflix series, The Witcher.

Some of her noteworthy previous works include The ABC Murders and Wanderlust. But as of now, she is not really dating Henry Cavill! Our famous Superman hero is currently dating Natalie Viscuso. As of now, anything can happen, afterall we all know about Henry Cavill’s previous dates and relationship history. He is very much fond of young teenage girls!

Anya’s Affection And Love For Henry Cavill!

Anya is currently a part of the famous Netflix series, The Witcher. She is definitely going to star for the second season of the series. We have seen her in some of the Bollywood movies before. Thus it would be really exciting for us to know more about the actress, through her first big Netflix Hollywood series. She is really excited to work alongside Henry Cavill. In an exclusive interview, she talked about her upcoming Netflix series, The Witcher Season 2. Firstly, she didn’t really know about the whole background and story behind the series. But still, the actress managed to give an extraordinary audition for her role and at last, she even bagged a character in it.


Just like us, she too knows Henry Cavill for his Superman image! And when the talk is about Superman, then you cannot deny that you don’t have a crush on him! He is not only famous for his looks but is also worldwide famous for his incredible acting journey. Anya definitely too has a crush on Henry Cavill. She confessed this indirectly in one of her recent exclusive interviews. She admires Henry Cavill for his handsomeness and acting career. She is keenly looking forward to working with Henry Cavill.

So far, it doesn’t really look like Henry is dating Anya. But who knows they find love through their show. We aren’t still confirmed about their off-screen love and drama. But we are sure of seeing their onscreen chemistry when The Witcher season 2 airs officially over the giant streaming platform, Netflix. For more such updates on the latest and exclusive Hollywood star gossips and tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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