Google Has Been Working On Some Cool New Features For Google Maps – Read To Know What They Are

New update coming up

Google Maps is the world’s favorite browse app for a long time, not just because it has an amazing feature line-up that is free of charge but also because Google regularly updates and polishes more.

For its map app, Google has announced some new features in its pipeline. The update provides over 100 enhancements that are powered by AI and machine learning in many cases.

So Google Maps is a continually evolving program that has become a must-have tool for many drivers who want to reach their destinations easily and conveniently.

But like we said, Google wants Google Maps to be a more sophisticated solution, so the search giant is working on some significant app updates, some only for Android or Android car users.

Although ETAs is currently unavailable, we expect more details to be published earlier than later, particularly as Google is making good strides in its growth.

Driving mode Android

The new driving mode driven by Google Assistant is bundled into the navigation app is the first functionality currently in the works and the development is progressing very quickly.

The Google Maps Driving Mode, currently available to Android users only in the USA, Germany, and a few other countries has a simple role to play converting the navigation app to a driving hub that doubles the number of things you would like back home, including music apps, calls, and messages.

You should definitely find that experience familiar when you have used Android Auto for telephones since this is the app that served as the basis for the creation of this feature.

Once the driving mode has been activated, a new Google Maps interface allows you to access everything in one step, including calls and music controls. Just like Android Auto for phones, Google Maps is the only browse app available this time.

As we said, there is no ETA as to how this feature can be implemented, but as it is offered in advance, by the end of the year it is likely to reach more users.

Fuel efficient routes

The way software determines routes when setting up the routing is another major improvement for Google Maps.
In the future, however, Google Maps will introduce a new model with a focus on fuel-efficient paths, explaining to Google that it will provide users guidance on how to reduce their fuel usage.

The objective is to reduce the carbon footprint even though Google Maps will provide you with slower routes. Google will allow users to manually revert from the settings screen to the original setup.

This functionality is both iPhone and Android, and Google claims that it will look at tilt and traffic congestion. Google says it is going to look into the tilt and congestion of traffic to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

Dedicated day/night toggle for Android Auto

The next step to get such an update is Android Auto since Google Maps could soon be changed to function independently of the device in day and night mode.

At this point, Google Maps aligns with device settings, so that if a factory-installed Android Auto head unit is available it will automatically switch to dark mode when you enable the headlights.

But Google will provide more power in the future so that Google Maps can manually move from day to night on demand right from the front unit. In this respect, Google can have more control over users in the future.


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