Wesley Snipes is Excited about Mahershala Ali REPLACING him as the MCU Blade

MCU Blade

Mahershala Ali talked about his part in the forthcoming Marvel Studios reboot of Blade. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, the Academy Award-winning actor will be taking on the lead job of the famous vampire hunter, Eric Brooks, who was previously played by Wesley Snipes. Marvel Studios Blade movie will be introducing … Read more

Google Has Delayed The Launch Of Tracking Technology For 2 Years – But Why?

After receiving objections about its substitute for browser “cookies,” Google announced on June 24 that it would postpone plans to phase out the technology used for ad targeting. The deadline for removing so-called third-party cookies initially set for January 2022 has been pushed out to late 2023, nearly two years later. In a blog post, … Read more

The New Google Phone Feature Will Help You Avoid Unwanted Calls Using Caller ID

Assume that you’re in the middle of something important when your phone rings in the background, totally hindering your focus. You will obviously pick up the call to see who is calling. But now the Google Phone app, on the other hand, is finally offering you an out with a new caller ID feature. Android … Read more

Google Has Been Working On Some Cool New Features For Google Maps – Read To Know What They Are

New update coming up Google Maps is the world’s favorite browse app for a long time, not just because it has an amazing feature line-up that is free of charge but also because Google regularly updates and polishes more. For its map app, Google has announced some new features in its pipeline. The update provides … Read more