The Clubhouse App Can Now Be Installed On Androids From Now, But You Will Need To Be Invited To Use It

Clubhouse launched officially

Audio software Clubhouse has formally released a beta edition on Android devices, taking the storm of live podcasts for iOS users. The release comes two months after Clubhouse confirmed it will expand before the summer for people with Android devices.

New audio-only chat app Clubhouse has flown into fame, but you need an invitation like any famous club to get off the waiting list. And unfortunately, they had to wait outside, for Android phone owners, while millions of iPhone users cut the line.

As celebrities such as Oprah, Elon Musk, and Tiffany Haddish flocked to the audio chat rooms, users could ask questions directly. The app also allows users to moderate conversations and encourage interviews with other people.

Of course, the pandemic of COVID-19 helped to get it moved because people are obviously locked in the home for some kind of human interaction.

It also eliminates the distress of video-calling, where you have to get in touch with the eye and pay complete attention to someone who speaks, so they can see you.

In its latest fundraise, the social network was released last year as an iPhone app only, worth around $4 billion. Last year, the app rapidly became popular with numerous well-known individuals, politicians, investors, and business people.

Clubhouse started designing the Android app at the beginning of this year and started to externally test the beta version. The company said that the availability on Android was the most demanded product feature in a city hall earlier Sunday.

Android users have waited for a long time and now patience is rewarded: the beta for Android Clubhouse is now alive. Unfortunately, the beta features are restricted and can only be accessed in some countries, but we hope that we’ll soon have a complete experience.

How to get access to Clubhouse Android beta

The Clubhouse Beta for Android was available for download only for Google Play Store in the United States after a short, selective beta with hand-picked testers. This connection takes you to the official download page to stop fake apps.

In order to run the app, you need Android 8.0 or later, but for the best results, we recommend Android 11. You can search ‘Clubhouse’ in the Play Store if you live outside the United States and ‘pre-register to be advised when the app is available in your country according to the Android FAQ Clubhouse.

You’ll also need an invite from a member of the current clubhouse to enter the chat room of the app after you have downloaded the app. At that point, you’re going to have to wait for a friend to let you in with his phone number to sign in for the waitlist.

When will Clubhouse officially come to Android?

We have no tough timeline for the final release date of the Clubhouse for Android. However, the Clubhouse team’s May 9 post gives a good assessment of when the app will come into your country, or when Android will be accompanied by iOS.

You should generally expect the beta to continue until May since it fixes errors and adds functionality. Based on this timeline. In principle, in early summer there is a more full beta or final edition, followed by the worldwide version after they have introduced more languages.


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