Dwayne Johnson teases surprise Superman Cameo for Black Adam movie. Is Henry Cavill returning?

DC has dealt with a big number of obstacles over the years by trying to get its cinematic universe off the ground. From problem-causing stars to deviating creatives, Warner Bros. has been nudging for several years for building a live-action DCEU.

There have been many controversies regarding the films and series of DC so far. One of them is the lessened presence of Henry Cavill from Superman. Cavill has till now only appeared in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League.

Although the most popular powerhouse hero of DC is being absent for a long time, Warner Bros. is not hesitating in casting other actors into superheroes and bringing them into the spotlight.

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam?

News has come as a surprise that Dwayne Johnson, the famous ‘The Rock’, will very soon be making his debut in Black Adam as an antagonist in the role of a villainous ruler of Kahndaq. He will be playing a magical character who is popularly known for battling with the Man of Steel several times in the past.

The fans and other audience are very curious about witnessing Black Adam facing off opposite Cavill’s Superman as well as Zachary Levi‘s Shazam in the coming future of DC. But it is being assumed that neither of them is going to appear in Dwayne’s DC debut. But Johnson, who has just teased the Man of Steel may appear in Black Adam after all.

Johnson Teases Superman in Black Adam

While responding to fans who were sharing their desires and thoughts for Superman to be making a cameo in Black Adam, nudging star Dwayne teased a surprise and unknown appearance of Superman from the Man of Steel.

A picture of the chests of Superman and Black Adam emblemed side by side was shared by @thegeekofsteel on his Twitter replying to Dwayne Johnson’s tweet about Black Adam, with a caption providing some hints to the fans for keeping their hopes up for the Man of Steel’s appearance. The Rock then went on to reply to him with an interesting tweet, see below.

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman appearing in Black Adam?

Henry Cavill played Superman five years ago. It has been five years since he got in front of the camera for his role. Thus, the future for his iteration of the Man of Steel is looking desolate. Despite the minimal presence of the British Actor, Superman has appeared only twice since then in the DCEU. He appeared just up to the neck in Shazam and appeared hidden in the shadows in Peacemaker.

We cannot predict if Cavill will be coming back to the DCEU anytime now, but Warner Bros. is apparently eager to bring Superman back on the screens, and also, Cavill seems interested in returning to appear. The Flash will allegedly be rebooting the DCEU next year, and the rumors are indicating the speedster flick is greatly denoting that Cavil is done in the role.

Who else is assumed to Face-Off with Johnson?

Black Adam has stood amidst Superman’s most severe rivals in DC as the magical powerset of Black Adam takes advantage of the Krypton Holder’s second-most famous weakness. But there are chances that Dwayne’s villainous character will be facing-off against Shazam played by Zachary Levi before rivaling Superman. But the chances of Cavill being the actor for that honor are not very thick.

Dwayne Johnson has been teasing his desire to rival Superman as well as Shazam on the big screen for a long time now. But there is nothing visible as such to hint that these will be shown in Black Adam. If the Man of Steel was supposed to appear in the villainous spin-off of DC, it will perhaps be coming in a similar potential to his Shazam cameo to nudge a future crossover.

Hence, we have to wait until the release of Black Adam on 21st October 2022 to witness whether Superman would be tagging along with The Rock for the journey or not.

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