Black Adam Release Date: Every member of The Justice Society of America Ranked

Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest-paid actors in the world (mostly on top). The ex-WWE wrestler has shaped himself into a very prolific actor. With Dwayne entering DC as Black Adam, fans speculate this is the time when the DC universe will evolve stronger than Marvel.

Black Adam is the new addition to the Justice Society of America which is the comic‘s oldest superhero team. This team is found by the greatest heroes of the Golden Age while facing some of the most dangerous threats. The team has combined many heroes and has sustained their legacy. This group is not known to many people but will surely reach every corner of the globe with the release of Black Adam.

Let’s see the breakdown of Black Adam’s trailer and who is the strongest amongst these Golden Age heroes of the JSA in the DC Universe.

Black Adam: Trailer, Plot, and Release Date

The trailer is being loved by the masses and has shaken the social media platforms. Dwayne has come up as a powerful yet lovable face for a Superhero. The movie is set to make a bang in theatres on October 21, 2022.

According to the plot, Dwayne Johnson dies as a slave 5000 years ago and is reborn as Black Adam, who is the greatest hero of ancient Egypt. He is awakened by a villain ancestor and is old and more violent. The story is about Black Adam embracing back his heroism and joining the Justice Society of America. He eventually will have a clash and will go on a brutal mission of saving his home country of Kahndaq. Black Adam possesses the same powers as Shazam but has inherited them from the Egyptian gods rather than the Greek ones.

Members of the JSA in Black Adam [RANKED]

If we include Black Adam in this list, he will be considered for the second position because of his enormous strengths and other abilities. So, let’s check out who is the most powerful?

1. Dr. Fate

Dr. fate is none other than the archaeologist Kent Nelson who discovered the Helmet of Fate on a dig. He attains the power and knowledge of the Lord of Order, Nabu whenever he puts on the helmet.  Dr. fate is another powerful sorcerer in the DC universe and is ranked the most powerful on our list. His role is being played by none other than our Veteran James Bond, Pierce Brosnan.

2. Cyclone

The character of Cyclone is played by Quintessa Swindell. Cyclone is the granddaughter of the Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado. Hunkel was infected with nanobytes as a child by Professor Morrow who created another Red Tornado that gave Cyclone her powers to generate cyclones, project blasts of air, and fly.

3. Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher is the grandson of the original Atom, the Golden Age member of JSA. He possesses super strength and the ability to grow in size that came from his villainous grandfather, Cyclotron. His character is played by Noah Centineo in the Black Adam movie.

4. Hawkman

Not to be considered weak, Hawkman is one of the founding members of JSA and is armed with an Nth metal harness. He possesses wings and a variety of weapons and is a powerful combatant.

Aldis Hodge plays Hawkman in the upcoming movie Black Adam. The character known as Archaeologist Carter Hall is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince. He regains his immortal powers after being exposed to a mysterious element called Nth Metal. The same story goes for his eternal love Shayera aka Hawkgirl.

Other Powerful JSA Members- Check the Most Powerful of ALL!

Remember Flash? He is also a member of JSA besides being a founding member of the Justice League. He received his speed powers from a metahuman gene which he acquired from a hard water experiment in his college.

Finally revealing the name of the most powerful JSA member or probably the most powerful to exist in DC, The Angel of God’s Vengeance, the Spectre. Spectre can do literally anything to take revenge on those who hurt the innocents.

He can go to enormous lengths to submit revenge, even altering the reality. He single-handedly brought Anti-Monitor, the most powerful villain DC has ever witnessed, to his knees. He always ends on the winning side, triumphing over the evil. However, this character is least likely to appear in the upcoming Black Adam movie.

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