Death Note Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Renewal Status

If you’re new to the anime world, most anime lovers will recommend you to start with Death Note. Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, Death Note is a popular manga series that has stunned the viewers with its storyline, intense drama, and ending; basically everything. It is the story of a teenage genius, Light Yagami who discovers a mysterious notebook one day on his school premises. It turns out to be Death Note which is a magical artifact dropped by Ryuk, God of death in his path. The book possesses the power to bring death to any person in the world within 30 seconds of writing their name in it and gives a huge responsibility to its owner. In this article, we shall discuss Death Note Season 2.

Anyone whose name is written within the pages of this notebook will die, even the owner. The anime adaptation debuted with 37 episodes in October 2006 in Japan and ran until June 2007. The show can be watched on a subscription basis on Netflix and is one of the most popular animes on the platform has gotten over 2.1 million votes on MyAnimeList which has summed up its rating to 8.63/10. Death Note Season 2 is in huge demand by the audience and people are eagerly waiting to get any news from show-makers about the beginning of production. This article will tell you everything about Death Note Season 2 and will also provide the answer if the sequel is happening or not.

Death Note Season 2

Death Note Has Been ‘RULING’ The World!

The show is centralized over two main characters- Light Yagami, a high school genius who is bored of being at the top of his life, and the other Ryuk, a shinigami who possesses the Death Note and decides the fate of humans. Ryuk is also bored and decides to drop his Death Note on Earth which is eventually discovered by Light and he becomes the eventual owner of the notebook. Anyone whose name is written in the book dies within 30 seconds. At first, Light thinks of it as a joke but gives it a try, killing a criminal by writing his name in the book. The method and time of death can also be specified in the book within five minutes.

Light goes on a rampage by deciding to kill all the wicked people that exist in this world and become the ultimate God of this planet. The Police Department suspects that a person can be behind all these mysterious deaths that occur due to a common reason, heart attack, and appoint L for the investigation. Light even falls into the first of many attempts by L to uncover his identity from his alter ego, Kira. To stay more alert, Light trades shinigami eyes with Ryuk which decreases his own age by half. The light uses his victims to misguide L and the Police Department and never let them know who Kira actually is. Light is himself the son of a reputed police officer and was passed into surveillance by L for the surety that he is not Kira.

The genius boy manages to gain the trust of L and his team and slowly gets involved with them in catching Kira. Light cleverly assassinates the team created by L to hunt down Kira. Meanwhile, he also meets Penber’s Fiance who wishes to avenge her partner‘s death by finding out his identity of Kira. But she also gets delivered a sad fate. L even joins the same university as Light to keep close eyes on him and plays a game of tennis to know more about Light and his similarity with Kira. Light and L become good friends and this blind trust takes the life of L who gets eventually eliminated by Light using the death note.

The death note if forbidden by the owner will make him/her forget everything about it, a rule which was used by Light several times during season one which helped him escape the police. He even had to get arrested along with his girlfriend, Mira to remove every suspicion from the duo. Light is all set to reach any ends but Light gets a new competitor for L’s successor, Near. By the end, we can see Near using his plan of humiliating and exposing Kira. Light enters the end game during his meetings with Kiyomi. The meeting gets intensely heated and Light gets defeated by Near and gets exposed as Kira. The season ends with the death of Light Yagami and those who had trust in him were left in question which might get answered in Death Note Season 2 if it happens.

The Team Behind This Thrilling Story

Death Note anime is adapted from the popular manga series by the same name written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The anime adaptation is directed by Tetsurō Araki and the animation is done by Madhouse. The series has given us 1 season with 37 episodes full of mysteries.

The amazing voice artists who worked on Death Note include:

  • Mamoru Miyano as Light Yagami
  • Alessandro Juliani and Kappei Yamaguchi as L
  • Nakamura Shidō II as Ryuk
  • Noriko Hidaka as Near
  • Aya Hirano as Misa Amane
  • Nozomu Sasaki as Mello
  • Naoya Uchida as Soichiro Yagami
  • Masaya Matsukaze as Teru Mikami
  • Kazuya Nakai as Kanzo Mogi
  • Ryō Naitō as Touta Matsuda
  • Haruka Kudo as Sayu Yagami

“Death Note” Will Not Stop After Light Yagami! Are we getting Death Note Season 2?

We have got some plot ideas from “Death Note: Special One Shot” which begins with the return of Ryuk to the human world. According to the story, Ryuk approaches Minoru Tanaka, a middle-school boy who is as genius as Light, and offers him the death note. The story takes place 10 years after the Kira incident and the world has become more aware and preventive of such incidents. The Japanese top-scoring student is supposed to follow in Light Yagami’s footsteps but he returns the notebook and asks Ryuk to return after two years.

After he enters High school, Minoru accepts the notebook and has no intentions of using it himself. With his wittiness and shinigami‘s help, he auctions the notebook to someone anonymous as he was being followed and predicted by Near, the one who defeated light the previous season. The book is eventually bought by the United States of America which buys it at a price that can give a happy life to generations of a family. But the King of death, Ryuk is not going to let this happen so easily and creates a new rule for the Death Note that shakes Minoru and the plans of the US President.

When Will Death Note Season 2 Arrive?

It has been over one and a half decade since the release of Death Note Season 1 and fans have been asking in bulk about the announcement for its sequel. Unfortunately, the show makers are yet to make an official confirmation for Death Note Season 2. The show is extremely popular and is going to be a big hit with its return. We can assume that this can be because of a lack of sources from Manga as it had 108 chapters that were almost covered up in season one. In February 2020, the Death Note creators brought a standalone “Death Note: Special One Shot” that continues the story after 10 years of Kira’s existence and can provide enough material for the show makers to bring Death Note Season 2. As of now, we don’t have a confirmed release date or a teaser for the show but we will update you with the latest details as soon as possible.

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