Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart GETTING BACK Together? Rumor is Exciting All Riverdale Fans

Well, we know fans out there would have loved to see Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart getting back together! But are the rumors out there actually true? Currently, we all know Riverdale Season 6 is streaming on the Netflix platform! Season 6 of the show has been launched recently but does that mean Lili and Cole are willing to give their relationship another chance? Well, stay tuned with us to know it all, just right here!

Are Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse Really Dating Each Other?

Well, I’m sorry to break your heart, but Lili and Cole are not dating each other! As far as, we know the two are not getting back together! I know Riverdale 6 is currently available on Netflix! But that doesn’t really mean Lili and Cole are back! Both are definitely seen together onscreen but are not really together offscreen!

But we all know Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse had an on-and-off relationship! Their relationship lasted for almost 3 years! The couple started dating one another back in the year 2017! It was last year only when they decided to end their relationship for once and all! Even before making their relationship official, Riverdale fans suspected that there is more than friendship between the two!

Both the actor of the famous Netflix series, Riverdale doesn’t really hold any hard feelings for one another! Both kinds mutually agreed to put a break on their relationship! Back in January 2020, they kind of had an idea that the relationship will soon fall apart! Thus soon in March of the same year, the couple initially confessed about their break-up! Riverdale fans were obviously really sad over their break-up. But we couldn’t really stop what is meant to take place!

Both the stars have not been so social on the relationship issue and their big breakup! Lili and Cole both love their privacy and really appreciate fans who don’t mock them for their life decisions! Lili has also said that she would never discuss her relationship issues in public as it is highly personal to her! Moreover, Cole prefers not to get disturbed in his private life due to fans’ hatred and mean comments!

Who Is Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Currently Dating?

Well, currently, Cole Sprouse is in a loving relationship with Canadian model, Ari Fournier! Both are currently, one of the most happening, hot, young couples in the industry! The star initially confirmed his dating rumor with Ari Fournier this year, in the month of July! They are really adorable together.

But we won’t deny, the fans still prefer Lili and Cole as a couple! We would love to see Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse getting together but as far now, they are not really together! But not to forget, both still continue to be friends! Moreover, when it comes to Lili, she is currently not dating anyone! For more such juicy updates and gossips on the trending celebrities of the industry, stay tuned with us, just right here!

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