Black Panther Wakanda Forever rumor: Tony Stark to return as Ironheart AI

MCU has currently been filling surprises in every movie and though there are rumors of one more big surprise in the upcoming Black Panther Wakanda Forever and it is yet to see whether the wishes of the viewers will be finally answered.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever has currently been one of the most anticipated titles of MCU and though the first trailer of the movie which was released portrayed a number of new characters at the time and thus it also gave a look at Ironheart and the viewers have been hyping up ever since as they want to cover more from the character.

The Black Panther Wakanda Forever trailer gave the first-ever look at Ironheart and although it was basically named to be the MCU replacement for Iron Man. Entering the Infinity Saga, the MCU has started introducing the known successors of the six avengers and thus there will certainly be a lot more to cover in the movie according to the major production that has been put ahead.

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Ironheart to appear in Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Everything started with the part when Sam Wilson came in to take the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers which was then followed by the arrival of the new Black Widow who is named Yelena Belova. Kate Bishop stepping in as the new Hawkeye along with more. The audience has been concerned about the rfeplacement of Tony Stark and that he has had no heir till now.

Kevin Feige, who is the president of MCU studios came forward at Comic-con to make the confirmation that the upcoming Black Panther Wakanda Forever shall mark the end of Phase 4 before the first trailer of the Black Panther sequel was unveiled.

Mentioning the part that the upcoming does not only have the responsibility to establish a new Black Panther but the title also holds the responsibility of debuting the successor of Iron Man. The trailer featured the appearance of Riri Williams who is also known as Ironheart while the character only made its appearance in the two brief scenes.

She could be seen greeting Shuri in the first scene while the second scene portrayed how she is forging into her own insignia and somewhat what the fans stated was it came out similar to how Tony Stark drew his Mark 1 in the first installment of Iron Man.

Riri Williams is basically known to be a 15-year-old whiz kid who came forward to design her own version of the Iron Man suit and she has been working on it and figuring it out for a long time. She is known to become a superhero herself and there’s a whole background story that will come to light once the title hits the screens.

While there is other big news that has been gaining a lot of attention in regard to Ironheart’s appearance. As she would be in the starting stages of learning more about the suit, the story will be portraying how the personality dubbed Ironheart was done on the heels of Civil War 2 and though Tony was known to be in a coma at that time.

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Tony Stark is expected to return as the AI of Ironheart

Tony was physically incapacitated at the period of time and though his consciousness was the one which functioned as the AI of her suit and thus allowing him to make over the guidance for her through the big adventures ahead and that means we can finally see Tony Stark return on the screens as the AI of Ironheart’s suit whereas the viewers know that it will turn out to be wild if Robert Downey Jr. shall be appearing as Tony Stark and even as an AI.

Anything can happen now and it’s no doubt that the MCU will certainly work on this part as everyone is curious to know the stages of the AI in the movie. The viewers can’t wait to have their eyes on Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark once again in Black Panther Wakanda Forever and it might make a big difference ahead it is yet to see how the successor of Iron Man may live up to the mark that the superhero has already put out.

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