Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Plot Leak Is a Thorough Insight to All Your Questions

If you get your hands on the fourth and the last movie of Marvel’s Phase 4 simultaneously with the third- Thor: Love and Thunder which is currently premiering in Theatre then will it be a ruiner to you or a warm-hearted gesture towards the leaker? It’s no riddle, Marvel’s last leap into its fourth phase, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is leaked and the details are going to answer every question you would have had especially, ‘what after lead actor Chadwick Boseman’s untimely demise?’

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Initially appearing in Captain America: Civil War of 2016, this Marvel character had its own series starting with 2018’s movie name ‘Black Panther’ where Chadwick Boseman garnered praises for amazingly donning the role of King T’Challa of an imaginative African province of Wakanda. The king lined up to be the next Marvel superhero when he gained his powers from exposure to some herbs.

The second installment to Black Panther and also the last part of Marvel’s Phase 4 after Thor 4, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to hit the silver screen on November 11, 2022. Obviously, the buzz is high for the sequel not just because it is going to set the course for the next Marvel phase but also because fans are quite eager or worried simultaneously for the future of the movie which has lost its lead actor.

Marvel itself knows that it’s a trouble that could bring down the whole universe if not handled with a thoughtfully written plot, an actor who can do more than just justify the role of Black Panther, or a realistic and settling twist-turn for the demise of existing T’Challa.

The Leak

Right when fans were too eager to get a sneak peek on what Marvel has exactly planned for the loving character in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, they have got a chance to just not peek but to get a wholesome plot just without the visuals (I mean only if the leak is authentic which it seems).

The one who spilled the beans this time is no other than DanielRPK, who usually remains in the limelight as an authentic source for Marvel’s unreleased material. The plot details were published on his Patreon account which became the trending feed on Reddit later. MTTSH, Charles Murphy, KC Walsh, Greatphase, Lizzie Hill, and Chippu are also claimed to be reliable sources for divulgence.

The leak is no joke this time as not just the tidbits but things that are important to the movie are spurt out online. Okay without too much delay let’s see what we know through the controversial leak.

The Speculative Starting Scene of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The buzz says that the movie will commence with the popular Spanish Colonization of America scene where Namor, the son of an Atlantean Princess and a human will lead the war against conquistadors. The 16th-century conquest run will as already presumed would be a flashback in the Ryan Kyle Coogler-directed movie.

Namor’s Future in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Namor will act as the arch-rival of Wakanda who is ghastly but with a touch of humanity for his own people. Being called sub-mariner after the mixed-up origin of his parents, his supernatural abilities are justified things which apparently include flying too. Some sources claim that the ability to fly will be the given of Tepeyollotlin- the Aztec Jaguar god who also made an appearance in the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder. While contrarily some claims the ability is a gift of his mutation. Well after all this information, it won’t be a big deal even if the sure-shot reason for Namor’s wings would be uncovered on November 11 only.

Riri Williams- The Foundation of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Comic fans must be well aware of Riri Williams, the skilled inventor of the comic series. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will have her as an aspiring MIT student who has successfully invented a device that could extract precious Vibranium from the ocean. The problem arises when Dr. Graham, reportedly portrayed by Lake Bell gets her hands on the device which leads her to awaken Namor (intentionally or otherwise is a matter to see later).

If you were excited to know how Namor, is in any way linked to Wakanda then here we are to the crux. The accident of Graham awakening Namor turns chaotic when the latter kills Graham’s whole team in the revert back and is now in the search of Riri who invented the now troublesome device. And the moment of gruesome rivalry gets a kick-off when Namor’s request from Wakanda to help him kill Riri is not only denied but contrarily the advanced nation acts as the savior of the student by keeping her safe under their wings.

Is T’Challa Dead In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Chadwick Boseman’s demise after the first installment of Black Panther and the Avengers movies following it has put just not the series in turmoil, but the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. The thing to see after that was how Marvel will take the incident while making the planned sequel- the death of T’Challa would fit most to the story or a suitable replacement for Boseman?

The leak indicates that Marvel was not ready to hand over Boseman’s role to anyone and obviously because that would affect the authenticity of the series’ superhero. If we go by the leaks, the makers chose illness as the reason for T’Challa’s death in the movie which can give fans an emotional hit due to its resemblance to Boseman’s death. With the Wakandan king’s death arrives the trouble as divulgers say Namor’s entry into Wakanda would be synchronous with T’Challa’s funeral.

Who Will Be the Black Panther In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

We all cannot forget the epic individuality Boseman gave to the Black Panther which garnered praise and love from the fans and critics in one breath. Fans obviously cannot let go of that image of Boseman as Black Panther and in this scenario, it’s a tough task to make the new Black Panther a loveable and critically acclaimed character.

But as of now, the question is who and most importantly how the next Black Panther will come to reality. You obviously remember T’Challa’s sister Shuri who was previously seen in the search of the sought–after herb that gave Balck Panther’s powers to T’Challa. She will be successful to recreate the herb with the hope that she will meet his brother in the ancestor plane but it is Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordon that she meets there. Killmonger will help Shuri to become the next Black Panther.

Fans’ speculations put Shuri, M’Baku, and Okoye as the potential candidates for Black Panther’s vacant mantle and now we have to see how authentic the leak turns out. While Shuri is a sure-shot fit for the mantle, previous indications were also given for Okoye donning the panther superhero suit, but the details are not confirmed yet for the twist.

Nevertheless, the Dora Milaje leader with the Vibranium spear would be a vital part of her being in same-sex relationships and being at loggerheads with Namor’s cousin Namora. Meanwhile, M’Baku is not out of the picture after being an ally to T’Challa in the first part. Guesswork has already claimed a big role in Winston Duke’s character and it cannot be denied when leaks in the same breath came up with the theory that M’Baku will be the next king of Wakanda even if Shuri is the ultimate Black Panther.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer gives us the first look at a new Black Panther

Do T’Challa and Nakia have a Child Together?

The obvious candidate for any throne in the history of entertainment has always been a son who carries a resemblance to his predecessor in most of the way. So, can’t Marvel go for the same theory when T’Challa had a relationship with Nakia? Well, it seems that it will, but not just casually as all those pages reported that Nakia gave the good news of her having a kid with T’Challa to Shuri. This hints that Shuri won’t be the ultimate Black Panther but T’Challa’s son will be, which may give Marvel the freehand to put the story back on the path.

Who Dies in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Superheroes and deaths can’t part ways, doesn’t matter if it’s the most loved character too. After T’Challa’s passing away, fans will witness Queen Ramonda losing her life to the flood caused by Namor’s army in the big fight with Wakandans.

How does Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Connects to the MCU?

Though the source is not known as the information has only remained a rumor after the original source deleted the post, it was theorized that the Latveria ruler- Dr. Doom is behind the Great War between Atlantis and Wakandans. It was also claimed that Lake Bell’s character might turn out as Lucia Von Bardas, the accomplice of Dr. Doom later. Dr. Doom as the greatest schemer against Marvel Heroes might give a connecting thread further.

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