Black Lightning Season 5 Release Date: Is it Cancelled?

Black Lightning is a superhero action TV show which is related to Arrowverse. The show was first aired on 16 January 2018 and received good viewership and a positive response from the audience. This made the showrunners renew it multiple times until season 4. But, in this article, we shall discuss Black Lightning Season 5.

The story revolves around Jefferson Pierce, a vigilante with the power to harness electricity. As his neighborhood experiences an increase in crime, the retired superhero is forced to come out and fight the evil. All four seasons depict heavy action sequences with many ups and downs for the hero. By the end of the fourth season, Jefferson finally manages to defeat the supervillain and comes to retirement after transferring his duty as “The Saviour of Neighbourhood” to his daughters.

The show has received 92% rotten tomatoes but the IMDb rating is 6 out of 10. The show has also received Black Reel Awards for the Outstanding Drama Series in 2018. Although the show is considered good and worth watching by critics, the show has experienced a continued decline in its viewership.

Therefore after 4 seasons and 58 episodes that ran for over 4 years, the showrunners finally canceled Black Lightning Season 5. The article further investigates the reasons behind the cancellation of Black Lightning Season 5.

Black Lightning Season 5

Black Lightning: Team, Cast & Plot

The superhero drama series is related to Arrowverse and is produced by Robert West. The production companies that supported the project include Berlanti Productions, Akil Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television. The opening theme of Black lightning is given by Godholly. The series has a full list of popular actors which includes:

  • Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce
  • Nafessa Williams as Thunder
  • China Anne McClain as Lightning
  • Christine Adams as Lynn Pierce
  • Jordan Calloway as Khalil Payne
  • Krondon as Tobias Whale
  • James Remar as Peter Gambi
  • Chantal Thuy as Grace Choi
  • William Catlett as Lala
  • Jahking Guillory as Brandon

Black Lightning: Trailer & Story Until Season 4

Black Lightning season 4 trailer mentions the series as a game-changing, relevant, and electrifying one where the episodes were written by Charles D. Holland and directed by Salim Akil. The trailer has given insights into every important event happening in this series where at one point, it appears to be the end of Jefferson but now as we know the story, Jefferson was not the one who was defeated, it was Tobias.

In the fourth and final season, we saw Jefferson struggling in the battle, he tried to make Tobias Whale forget everything he knew about the Pierce family. Tobias finds a way to stop Jefferson from using the Gambi device. Tobias overpowers the powerless Black Lightning and traps him in a coffin but you cannot expect the hero to die so easily.

He manages to escape by using his powers and after freeing himself, he goes on a final showdown against Tobias. The supervillain falls out of the window and gets impaled through the chest. Jefferson tries to save him but similar to his sister Tori, who died in season 1, he feels it to be a shame being saved by the Hero.

As the villain has gone, superhero Jefferson announces his retirement from the job but the concerned hero transfers this responsibility to his daughters and Grace Choi.

Is Black Lightning Returning With Season 5?

Sadly in November 2020, it was officially confirmed by the CW network that season 4 will be the final season of the series. This means there will be no Black Lightning Season 5 at least in the near future. No valid reason has been provided by the production for the cancellation but it is assumed that the show came to an end because of its continuous drop in viewership.

As Netflix has also shared the rights of the show, there are very less and faint chances of the show being renewed by the OTT Giant but if there is no perfect story, fans will not turn their screens to Black Lightning Season 5 as the show has already faced a decline in its viewership.

Where To Watch Black Lightning?

All the seasons of Black Lightning were broadcasted on the CW network. The first-ever episode of the show was broadcasted on 16 January 2018. After it was announced that the fourth season will be the finale of this series, there were very less signs of excitement amongst fans. Hence, the series was never thought to be renewed again and came to an end on 24 May 2021.

As of now, Netflix has also managed to grab the rights to all the seasons of Black Lightning. Therefore all four seasons can be watched on Netflix until the term duration of the rights end and the seasons get removed or renewed by Netflix.

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