Black Clover Movie Release Date, Trailer announcement and latest updates

With the closure of the Black Clover TV series in 2021, fans assumed this to be the end of Black Clover but the animation studio, Pierrot is not going to stop right now. There is going to be no break for the team as the studio has confirmed a movie to bring Asta and his friends back. The makers released a teaser trailer for the Black Clover Movie back in March this year, while later a confirmation was provided about the director of the movie.

During the Blu-Ray release of the Black Clover TV series, Ayataka Tanemura confirmed during the interview that he and Pierrot Studio will be working together on the movie as well. The movie is currently in production and is expected to have a 2023 release. We have covered every latest detail about the Black Clover movie in this article.

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What is Black Clover About?

The anime-adapted series follows the fantasy world of Magic in the Clover Kingdom where every person is born with the natural ability to perform magic. Asta is a young orphan who was abandoned with his fellow orphan, Yuno at an orphanage church at the same time. The duo grew together and have created an inseparable bond for themselves. But there lies an issue! While everyone is born with the talent of utilizing Mana in the form of magical power, Asta has no magic. Therefore he focuses on building himself immense physical power. On the other hand, Yuno is good at magic and has the ability to control wind magic also.

While Asta dreams to become the greatest and most powerful mage in the Kingdom, he lacks magic. Both of them are motivated to become the next Wizard King, a position which is second only to the King of Clover. The brotherhood creates a friendly rivalry to see who achieves this goal. In their journey, Yuno, with the power of wind, gets his hands on a legendary four-leaf grimoire which was held by the Kingdom’s first Wizard King. The four-leaf is extremely rare and is given to some powerful mages. Asta is powerless but when their lives are threatened, he is able to summon a mysterious five-leaf grimoire that has mysterious elf swords and a bodiless Devil race member who utilizes rare anti-magic.

The talented duo finally join a Magic Knight squad to get one step closer to their goal. Asta gets into the Black Bulls under Yami Sukehiro and Noelle Silva while Yuno joins the Golden Dawn. During their adventures, they experience clashes with an extremist group, the Eye of the Midnight Sun, under a Devil leader who wishes to seek revenge from the Clover Kingdom for the injustice committed against Elves. While encountering the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom, the magic knights learn about the influence of their Devils on their lives and how it is helping the Dark Triad’s plan of spreading Devils all across the world.

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The Movie Will Continue the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

Black Clover movie is expected to bring a conclusion to the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc which was running in the TV series until March 2021. The movie will reprise the same cast as the series. According to Monsters and Critics, the anime adaptation has covered around 273 chapters in the manga while currently, we have a total of 326 chapters in total. This means the team will be able to provide us with a handsome amount of content with 50+ untold chapters.

Potential Release Date of Black Clover Movie

The official Japanese website for the Black Clover anime adaptation confirmed that the upcoming movie will be released in 2023. This confirmation was made during the 7th anniversary of Black Clover, the Weekly Shonen Jump series where the first teaser trailer of the movie was shared on YouTube. We have an assumption to share with you, like the teaser released this year on the 7th anniversary, we can expect the movie to premiere on the 8th year anniversary.

For the fans living outside Japan, we wish to inform you that sadly, the Black Clover movie will be released in Japanese theatres first and then will have an international release and finally, a release on a streaming platform which can take several months.

Let’s hope the makers keep flaming this hype by posting insights and new teasers timely. What are your views about the Black Clover movie? Share it with us in the comments!

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