Black Clover Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot and Latest Updates

Adapted from the crazily popular manga of Yuki Tabata, Black Clover is considered one of the best action-based shonen anime of the whole anime world. the story of the show revolves around the main character Asta who is born in a kingdom where each and everybody has access to some kind of special magic power. But our protagonist Asta is an unfortunate soul who does not have any magical power. later in the story, he comes across a cursed relic which is known as a five-leafed book. he gets his hands on an anti-magic sword which enhances his physical abilities. In this article we will not be focusing on the release date of the Black Clover Movie, Rather we will discuss more the cast and plot of the movie.

Potential Release Date For Black Clover Movie

The Black Clover Movie was originally announced on March 29, 2021, on Twitter. This was exactly one day before the final episode of Season 4 aired in Japan. There is no official release date, as of yet, but speculation and educated guesses place the premiere sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. Season 4 of “Black Clover” started in Japan in December of 2020, so we may be looking at a similar timeframe for the movie.

Aside from the Black Clover Movie, the future of the anime is currently on hold. As we have seen so far, the tv show has already reached season 4 and completely caught up with the manga series. On the other hand, in order to manage the fix the major plotholes, the author has decided not to provide the fans with any filler materials. Instead, he decided to take the series on hiatus. he plans to reboot the anime as soon as the manga releases sufficient new chapters. So fans are still expecting that the Black Clover Movie will be that so-called reboot.

The cast of the Movie

Now Coming to the cast of Black Clover Movie, the Dark Triad, of course, are three dark wizards who currently rule the Spade Kingdom, the former home of Yuno, using terror and ruthless subjugation. And among the Dark Triad, we can almost definitely assume that Zenon Zogratis (Zeno Robinson), leader of previously mentioned evil mages, will pop up. If referencing the manga, we could also see Liebe (Bryce Papenbrook), Nacht Faust (Max Mittelman), Magna Swing (Ian Sinclair), and Dante Zogratis (Patrick Seitz). We might also see the twin devils of Lilith and Naamah (again, if going by the source material).

Anticipated Release Date for Black Clover Movie

At this point, what we know of the plot for the upcoming “Black Clover” movie can be inferred by the final episode of the anime, and the plot set forth by Yuki Tabata’s work. In Episode 170, “The Faraway Future,” Asta and Liebe become allies after a devil-binding ritual becomes a devil-befriending ritual (as per Asta’s description). The series ended with several characters in both the Black Bulls and the Golden Dawn training in typical anime fashion, with Yuno in particular swearing to defeat Zenon, and Asta vowing to rescue Captain Yami (Christopher R. Sabat).

So, what exactly can we expect from the Black Clover Movie? If we consider the last episode of the last season and how things ended in that episode, we can expect to see an epic clash between Asta and Zenon. On the other hand, we might see Asta and Liebe becoming acquaintances which will draw an end to the ongoing arc (Spade Kingdom).

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