Arcade 1Up Launched New Line Of Arcade Cabinet For Kids: Paw Patrol And Pac Man For This Holiday Season

Arcade 1Up has recently launched its newest addition to the arcade cabinets. This time the focus was to bring the culture of arcade games in for kids as well. The company built arcade cabinets for adults but now they have upgraded to making gaming cabinets for the younger generation as well. It is the holiday season and Arcade1Up has decided to launch the new addition to the Arcade1Up cabinets, the Arcade 1Up Jr.

Arcade has recently launched the same model of their famous gaming cabinets but the catch here is that these gaming cabinets are specifically designed for kids. This is a very cool deal as the young kids will get introduced to the era of arcade gaming once again.

Most kids are not old enough for the typical arcade cabinets that are designed for adults. This new addition to the line of arcade cabinets, i.e, the Arcade 1Up Jr. is designed for the age group of 4 to 8-year-old kids with custom controls and scales to fit their preferences.

The two new products launched are reportedly named Pac-Man and the other one, Paw Patrol. The launch for both the products is scheduled for specific holidays. The special trait of this product is that it doesn’t require any sort of assembling on the part of your kid. All your kid needs to do is fiddle around with it and he will figure out what to do with the product by themselves. They will start playing flawlessly in no time.

Arcade Gaming units were very popular back in the days, they are still popular but these days people don’t have the craze to play arcade games like before. Various games are installed in the unit like Pac-Man, which was considered to be the most played game of the past eras. The unit showcases some golden classic games from the era of arcade games like Dig Dug and some other games like Galaga.

The kids have no rush and can start playing at their own speed. The unit comes with custom controls and difficulty presets, which makes it easier for the child to learn the proper way of playing the game.

When the kids feel tired and need to take some rest, they have a stool with them at their disposal where they can sit and keep playing. The Stool comes along with the package. Young kids love the experience of playing with adults, this product will do exactly that for your child.

The units are easily available online at Walmart, Amazon at an affordable price point of $279.99. These products appeal a lot to children as they mostly love arcade games.

The sale of these products has not yet started. The launch is scheduled to start in October and November. Links for Paw Patrol is provided and the link for Pac-Man is also given. Using these links you can easily get notified when the live sale starts. These websites can also be used for learning more about the products. Through the attached links you can also get assisted if you have any queries regarding the product.

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