Amber Heard LIED to Judge About FAKE ASSAULT Photos, Johnny Depp Now Proved It

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Battle are going on and their cases are taking striking turn every time something is Announced About their case. The Couple was married between 2015 and 2017 after being married for 2 years the Aquaman Actress Amber Heard filed for divorce and the Mainly Reason was Domestic Abuse.

Though she never accepted and never said that it was because of Johnny Depp. The Actress claimed that during the period they were married she was constantly abused by her husband Johnny Depp. To prove this she had her photos as proof which showed the clear marks that she has been hit by someone.

The case has become like a tree at this point every time it is touched something comes out of it.

Amber claimed that she suffered two black eyes, a broken nose and a broken lip at the hands of Depp.

The Pirates of Caribbean Actor has been accused of lots of things and this doesn’t come new to him because he is in for something always. But this time he claimed whatever Amber has been telling to court so far is not absolute truth. While there can be chances that she is playing but as far as evidence is there that can also be manipulated with the help of the latest technologies.

The court recently listed to Johnny petition about the photos that have been provided to it and the court also said that while there could be chances that photos are edited and this comes as good news to Johnny Depp. The court has told that Johnny’s legal team could check into the photos and also has been given access to Amber Heard mobile.

While this is happening in the latest time. we take a look at the couple why they are so much after each other. The reason is that Johnny Depp is a huge star and has been in the industry more than anyone and people love him. The main reason Amber Heard was with him because of his charm and really how successful he is.

While Johnny has been dropped off from several projects and there could be chances that we will see him less in the movies is partly because of this.

While Amber has stated that she holds to her words that she has not provided the court with the fake photos and everything.

While leaks suggest that Amber Heard will also be dropped from her role in several movies because of this case.

Johnny Depp also has filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard for $50 million where he claims that the morphed photos and is been using that as evidence in the case continuously by her.

While there is already a petition to remove amber Heard from Aquaman but that is just a leak as nothing is quite possible.

while john Depp is also quite affected by this. The Chances of Amber heard not lying are zero but she has been known for quite a character.

Only in Future, we will know what the case brings more.

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