Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s DIVORCE Rumor Explained: Marriage Problem Between Couple

We are here to talk about a relationship controversy that is being shed through as the marriage of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski is said to be falling apart. There have been a lot of relationship controversies in the previous period of time and mentioning the part that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s relationship rumors has turned out to be making big headlines at the time.

There are reports at the time stating that the couple has been facing a number of problems recently in their relationship and hence one of the major reasons for their relationship fights is said to be Marital issues that the sources are reporting that both John and Emily are going through a tough patch at the period of time.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are having serious problems in their relationship

The pair would need to figure some things out in order to make their relationship work at the time and the sources have also reported that the couple is not talking to each other at all and also to mention that one of the other main reasons why the couple is not talking is that they are also busy in their own respective projects currently which is set to release and so they can’t give any time in their relationship at all.

John Krasinski has also been busy with a number of new projects recently and the sources are reporting that the couple is not getting any chance to sort things out at the time. The audience on the internet has been discussing the big matter that is taking place over the time and the talks have stated that the rising fame of John Krasinski is also another reason why the pair have been tackling a number of hurdles in their relationship as to mention that Krasinski usually used to adjust the schedule for with Emily Blunt but now he is busy with a number of projects at the time and it’s not looking a good thing for the pair.

Some of the big rumors are also surfacing at the time stating that John Krasinski has been acting weird around Emily Blunt and that she is not happy with it whereas the personality has also warned Krasinski to correct his behavior and otherwise leave her life. It is safe to say that things are getting heated up or escalating to a big level in their relationship but the pair has not filed for divorce officially and there are just talks and rumors for now.

Some of the fans are also supporting the couple in this tough situation and want them to work things out for a period of time so that they could be happy once again in their relationship. It is yet to see how things would go between them and whether they would work things out in their marriage or would finally take a divorce afterall.

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