After Jason Mamoa, Is Amber Heard ALSO COVID POSITIVE? Here’s What We Know

Jason Mamoa is tested to be positive! Yes the star of our upcoming film, Aquaman 2 is reported to have Covid-19. All of his fans are highly worried about him. Currently, some news is telling that Amber Heard is also tested to be positive! Is the rumor true? Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here!

Jason Mamoa Tested To Be Covid Positive!

A few days back we heard that Aquaman’s lead cast members have been tested Covid positive. Currently, Jason and Amber both are working on their next film, Aquaman 2. Amid the filming, the star has been reported to be Covid-19 positive. The filming has definitely been affected due to this. Does that mean, the sequel movie, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, will get shifted? But now comes the main question on this! Is Jason the only member who has been reported positive for Covid -19?

Is Amber Heard Covid Positive?

Aquaman’s fans are highly stressed for Jason Mamoa. The lead actor of the film happens to be covid positive and is currently staying in a completely isolated state from the other cast members. But let me tell you, there is someone else too, you might have to be worried about! We all know about Amber Heard’s health conditions. Is she too Covid positive?

But so far, Amber Heard has not been reported to have symptoms of Covid-19. According to our updates, she has got her first vaccine shot, just before she started the filming for Aquaman 2. Thus she is a bit protected from getting infected by Covid-19. Just like her fans, the production members of Aquaman 2, were also highly worried before considering Amber Heard for the sequel movie. But as the sequel movie has decided to bring back the original cast of Aquaman. Thus they need to have Amber Heard back on the screen. So far we haven’t got any news or updates on any other cast members, to be reported as Covid positive. We are hoping this news stays still and constant.

About Amber Heard’s Critical Health Conditions?

Our gorgeous-looking star, Amber Heard has been ill for quite some years now. We haven’t really heard much about it. But recently after we saw the finale season of “Games Of Thrones”, we got to know the actual reason behind Amber Heard’s illness. So far, she has gone through two critical brain surgeries. Amber Heard is dealing with a major brain tumor and is still fighting to survive against it.

The star has gone through a lot of wear and tear throughout her whole life. But she is still standing strong to fight against all her pain and problems. If she tests to be Covid positive, then it will become very challenging for Amber Heard. All her fans are praying for her, as we don’t want to see the star struggle any further in her life. She has survived two severe brain surgeries and is still recovering from her condition. We are hoping not to hear the news of her being Covid positive.

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