Meghan Markle ORDERING Price Harry to Have PATERNITY TEST to Prove Prince Charles Isn’t His Father

Meghan Markle asks Prince Harry to get a paternity test

We are here to bring the latest news which has been surfacing as Meghan Markle has been demanding Prince Harry to get a paternity test.

There has been a lot of drama in the royal family in the previous weeks and though there are no signs of stopping it now. There has been a lot of controversies and discussions regarding the matters of the Royal Family where some of the dispute was put out in between them some time ago. Just as everyone started to think that things are getting back in place, it actually took a huge turn into the twist.

A source mentioned last year that Meghan has been pressuring Prince Harry to move ahead into taking a paternity test as she had a doubt as to whether Prince Charles was even his real father or not.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle opens up on the DNA test

Last year Meghan opened up a question on the Royal Family and though she stated that she believes that th Royal Family is actually holding a secret to themselves which they don’t want to reveal.

An interview took place in BBC where Diana clearly stated that she fell in love with the brave and handsome cavalry officer named James Hewitt and Meghan came across this interview at the time and thought was convinced that Prince Charles is not the real father of Prince Harry.

Some of the sources came forward to mention that Meghan has asked Prince Harry to get the DNA test after all as it would clarify everything that has been going on in the following time.

It could be said that Markle was basically motivated to go ahead with the decision after the split from Royal Family and though an insider from the authority came forward to mention that the test could solve all the problems and doubts that are raised at the time and the question would finally be answered to whether James is Harry’s real father or not?

Meghan Markle


Things could be changed at a huge rate if the answer is clarified such as that Prince Harry would not be a Royal anymore and this would certainly be a big thing to talk about. The magazine also put out their claims that even Prince Charles is not sure if Harry is his child or not.

Mentioning the fact that this was almost impossible to believe when it was first reported last year but now it has gained all the attention of the audience over time. Also to consider the fact that Princess Diana admitted at the time that she was having an affair with Hewitt. The book was published by the officer which was a tell-all book and though the affair was also revealed in the book by the officer. Considering the part that both of the personalities denied the rumors which were put forward at the time but now it has gained the attention of the audience and so it will be revealed soon.

Meghan Markle

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