Amber Heard Could Face SERIOUS JAIL TIME after This NEW Evidence by Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, two names that are now seen commonly in the headlines for a very long time now. For those of you who don’t know who they are and have skipped what’s up with them (which is quite strange to believe though), the former is known for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack Sparrow and in Fantastic Beasts as Gellert Grindelwald and the latter is famous for her role of Mera in Aquaman. The duo who first met on the sets of The Rum Diary, filed for divorce in 2016 when the Aquaman actress accused him of physical abuse. The fight since then is not only getting interesting but all the more taking a nasty turn every day.

Johnny Was Accused Of Being A Wife Beater

The first accusation on the actor by his ex-wife was that of physical abuse and how he under the influence of drugs and alcohol aimed his mobile on her face which resulted in bruises. She even said that the actor verbally abused her by calling her an “attention-seeking wh*re”. Adding to this she said that she was even gifted with a pair of back eyes by his former husband. Amber’s friend also came to her support claiming that the house was always in a chaotic manner with drinks spilled in one place to broken pieces of glasses all over the place. They have borne witness to the abuse faced by Heard claiming that she has been nothing but a victim of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse that has left a deep impact on her mentally. Repeatedly, the actress is seen accusing johnny of physically abusing her that left her body with bruises and marks.

Is Depp Actually Guilty?

even before the court gave its final statement, people all over the world held Johnny guilty and came in support of amber. However, with the case getting nastier, certain revelations have been made that have led to people thinking that Depp might be partially guilty and Amver is not that innocent as she claimed earlier. To start with, the support shown by her friends against the fantastic beasts’ actor might not be true as police revealed that they didn’t find any traces of the house being in a haphazard manner as described by amber and her friends. Police visited the place two hours after the incident and even had a bodycam that recorded Johnny’s innocence in this incident. Also, the accusations made by Amber for getting physically abused and having bruises all over her face were partially proven false when a makeup artist of the duo denied the presence of any bruises or BLACK EYES on her face.

Is There Any Evidence That Can Put Amber Into Trouble?

Well for starters, a recording has come forward which shows that Depp was not the physical abuser in the relationship. The recording proved that the Aquaman actress not only verbally abused her former husband but even hit her. Johnny has even filed another case of $50M defamations against his ex-wife. In the hearings that followed, Depp even claimed that the actress threw a vodka bottle at him which severely injured the actor’s fingertips. Johnny even accused the actress and her friends of pooping on the couple’s bed and not forgetting the bodycam footage that would prove her guilty. According to the sources, amber might face a prison time of three or four years if she is found guilty of false accusations and even for tampering with evidence.

For now, nothing can be said and we might have to wait till their next hearing that will take place in Virginia in April next year.


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