The Boys Season 3 Theory: Is Hughie Homelander’s Brother, Here’s Why We Think So

The Boys Season 3: Introduction

The Boys Season 1 was a great hit and the season had 7 Superheroes who worked under this company called The Vought which is an organization that controls all the superheroes related activities in the state. The CEO of the company decides who goes on what mission and what mission is suitable for the heroes and thus the company has huge profit from their being advertised and being loved by the public. In this article, we will discuss some theories about The Boys Season 3.

But when the series progresses and Everything is not superheroic as it seems all the superheroes have something dark and each one has involved some kind of activity in which they should not involve. But that just not one of the characters who simply stands and talks to his girlfriend are killed by heroes when the hero’s power is he can super fast. It dashes on the character’s girlfriend the character named Hughie.

Turn out to most major in the entire series when he decides to change and get back into his normal life after mourning his girlfriend. He works at an electronic shop where his girlfriend use to come and they use to have lunch together. he remembers every moment and he meets Billy Butcher who turns out to chasing after the 7 because the main leader of 7 is Homelander who is strong enough to defeat an elephant and crush someone like an apple in just seconds.

Turns out Billy was after one of the 7 members who could lead him to Homelander and thus killing him is Billy Butcher Objective. But turns of events he meets Hughie one night when he Crashes lands his car into his owner store and tells him everything about the 7 from there on it becomes a huge fight and chase and several things getting exposed the way and knowing that there is a chemical compound named v7 that creates that formula and sells it to make a profit and that is non-other than Vought.

Exposing several superheroes and some new entries leads to the end of season 1.

What happened in season 2?

Season 1 massive success lead to believe the season would be awesome and it certainly was the show showed so many things that could be not ignored and had the audience on its toes and suspense was so many new characters, new stories Billy Butchers finally finding his wife and she doesn’t decide to come with him and his wife has a secret child with Homelander while 2 of the Superheroes dying along the way and Homelander also killing many people and accusing some of the teammates of not being trustworthy to him and decides to remove them from the team. and Also showing that Homelanders pushes his son to extreme conditions so that he can awaken his powers and stuff.

You can watch the trailer of Season 2 here.

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But the show ends on many questions?

  • Is Homeland’s Son Hughie Brother?
  • are there only  5 superheroes who will be in   7?
  • is Hughie gonna be alone.

Fans are eagerly waiting for The Boys season 3 to drop but it hasn’t still started into pre-production yet.

And one crazy theory is that Hughie is Homelands Brother, Because of the resemblance and many other things like how is not dead yet even going through so much.

The Boys Season 3 Spoilers ahead!!!!!!

Hughie has joined the vault as a senior analyst who will be working undercover with one of the 7 members in revealing the secret of the vault and thus they both will finally expose the secret of the Vought to the world.

Hughie will Die and he will be given that chemical formula and he will have the powers that he will fight with Homelander.

Homelander will no longer be in Vault 7 he will be replaced Queen Maive as the leader.

If you still haven’t watched the series it’s high time to watch it as it has been one of the most-watched series for the year 2021.

The Boys Season 3 will release in 2022.


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