All Marvel shows and movies that can get announced at SDCC 2022

Marvel Studios is set to return to San Diego Comic-Con after a period of three years and the fans are excited that some of the big titles will be announced over time. Marvel has been looking forward to announcing some of the biggest titles and though it can’t be bigger than the San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel will be present in the event after a period of three years and though looking over to the previous events, there have been some big announcements and the fans expect the same from the upcoming event.

There were some rumors out stating that Marvel would once again be skipping the event this year but Kevin Feige, who is the president of Marvel made it clear that Marvel Studios will be in attendance this year and this news came out as a big one and now the fans are curious to know what more does Marvel have in store for everyone.

Big Marvel expected announcements in the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con

Feige also gave a hint that it would be revealed as what’s to come after Phase 4 of Marvel and the main focus would be put on the titles taking place after that. The fans have made some big predictions on what is to be announced in the upcoming event.

Scarlet Witch Movie

Scarlet Witch has been one of the sole focuses of Marvel in portraying the storyline and hence mention that Scarlet Witch was a secret villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and it’s time that the story will be wrapped up once and for all.

Thunderbolts Movie

There were a lot of rumors about the Thunderbolts movie and thus it was finally confirmed when Jake Schreier made a response to the news that he would be coming forward to direct a Marvel movie. There have been many alternatives story in the comics whereas the origin will be portrayed with Baron Zemo bringing along a number of villains along together in order to masquerade as villains after the time when Avengers and Fantastic Four went missing whereas Thunderbolts is the expected title to arrive in the upcoming event.

Hawkeye Season 2

Hawkeye had a successful run on Disney+ and though it’s safe to say that Hailee Seinfeld along with Jeremy Renner will be reprising their roles in the new season of Hawkeye and especially after the suspenseful post-credit scenes which were portrayed featuring Wilson Fisk/Kingpin making his return and the role is played by Vincent D’Onofrio and Hawkeye Season 2 is expected to be announced in the upcoming event of Comic Con.

Moon Knight Season 2

Moon Knight is another big title that stood out to be a big hit and the superhero of Marvel made its debut on the screens with the release of the first season on Disney+ the role of the superhero is played by Oscar Isaac and though the post-credit scene of the show portrayed how Jake Lockley working along with Khonshu, who is said to be a Moon God and giving the major possibilities on how Moon Knight Season 2 could look and it’s the favorite to be announced in the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con event.

Captain America 4

The Captain America title was basically announced by the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier whereas Anthony Mackie will be taking the shield on the big screens and would be exciting to watch a new perspective in the story and moreover embrace a new role in MCU and though there are expectations set that Captain America 4 could be announced by the Marvel studios in the upcoming event.

Daredevil Season 4

After long talks and discussions of Daredevil Season 4 returning on the screens, this could finally happen as everyone is excited about the title. Kevin Feige also gave a hint on the show that it has been put out in development especially after the part when Charlie Cox made his appearance in SpiderMan: No Way Home and thus the show will now be returning on Disney+ with a big storyline and a new look.

Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 is said to be the title that will make the audience go wild more than any other title and the biggest reactions may come in if it really happens and though there is more storytelling to be done and talks turning out of happening of the third installment of Deadpool.

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