Why did Bella Hadid QUIT Drinking? Here is the reason SHE SHARED

Bella Hadid has recently taken a massive decision in her life. She is trying to quit alcohol. Finally, the gorgeous renowned model has opened up about her life decision. I’m sure the fans must be wondering why she stopped drinking Alcohol! Well, stay tuned with us, to know it all, just right here.

Why Bella Hadid Stopped Drinking Alcohol?

According to our study and sources, the model was having serious addiction issues. She was facing a hard time. She had tried a lot to calm her addiction down but looks like it was becoming an impossible task for her. To beat her alcohol addiction, she started indulging in heavy workloads.

Bella has been a victim of heavy anxiety and chronic depression. She wasn’t able to resist her drinking habits. The pain and stress were getting on her nerves. Everything was becoming traumatizing for her. She felt alcohol was the only rescue to her problems. Her drinking habits were becoming uncontrollable. She started canceling her night-out plans, just to control her drinking habits.

Bella Hadid Has Launched A New Product In The Market!

Bella Hadid has recently brought a new non-alcoholic beverage line to the market. She is the co-founder of the company. Her company is known as Kin Euphorics. The company consists of adaptogenic herbs, nootropics, and botanicals. In an exclusive interview, she talked about her new product line. She has tested the products herself. These herbal products have actually helped her in controlling her alcohol consumption.

Her morning starts with mixing Kin Spritz in her morning coffee or motcha. Slowly and steadily, she adapted to the brand’s Lightwave drink. This is a specialized drink that is an alternative to a glass of wine. She feels much healthy now. These drinks have helped her to beat her drinking habits.

Bella Hadid Had An Unsustainable Life

Last year, Bella Hadid had consulted a doctor for her tremendous drinking issues. The reports showed that slowly alcohol was impacting and affecting her brain. In September 2021, she has also made a public post in which she talked about her unsustainable life. Her drinking habits were pushing her away from her social life. She works 13 hours a day and socializing is an important part of her career.

But her uncontrollable drinking habits were ruining it all for her. She used to drink to escape her anxiety levels. In fact, sometimes she took the help of alcohol to loosen up in front of people. She felt alcohol helped her in numbing herself. Earlier, she used to drink every night before bed.

But now she has turned to a sober life. Alcohol was causing a disastrous effect on her body and brain. Now, things are better in her life. She has even stopped taking her sleeping pills. Quitting alcohol was a big turning point in her life. Well, that’s all for now, to know more such updates on the latest celebrity gossip and inside information, stay connected with us, just right here.

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