Prince William Jokes about having more kids with Kate Middleton; Is it a HINT of some kind?

Stepping down from the stage! In a royal outing that happened recently, Prince William pinched his wife Duchess Kate Middleton regarding the possibility of having another child. And while the topic was open, it seemed like Prince William was not convinced about the idea of having a fourth child.

Kate (40 years) and William (39 years) happened to visit the Clitheroe Community Hospital which is in Lancashire, England on 20th January (Thursday) of this year. The purpose of their visit was to have some talks with the workers working hard in the healthcare center in order to protect the community from the grasp of the COVID pandemic. We could see the smiling face of the Duchess of Cambridge when she cradles a baby of an onlooker. But on the other hand, Prince William didn’t seem to be too comfortable with her wife getting too touchy about the baby. He pinched the staff who were standing nearby saying “Don’t give my wife any more ideas!” when Kate handed over the child to her mother, Prince William teased his wife saying “Don’t take her with you.”

This royal couple who got married back in April of 2011, already has 3 children. They are the parents of Prince Louis (3 years), Princess Charlotte (6 years), and Prince George (8 years). When they were on a vacation in Yorkshire, England, back in January of 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge did give a hint about prince William not showing any kind of interest in a fourth child. She joked about it to a fan saying that she didn’t think William wants another child. “I think he would be worried” she concluded.

A source revealed to the news Magazine US Weekly back in October of 2019, that the Duchess of Cambridge would totally love to have another child. On the other hand, another inside source recently mentioned that Prince William thinks three kids are more than sufficient for them.

Back in February of 2021, the insider also added that being the mother of four kids was always a part of the plan of the Duchess of Cambridge. The source also added that they took their time, but William and Kate eventually came to the same decision about the fourth child. Kate has wished to bring another child in order to inspire William and after a long time of disagreement, William at last also thinks that he is ready to appreciate the setting of a secure family that he never had in his childhood.

At that particular time, the inside source mentioned that Queen Elizabeth II would be in tears to see another member is joining the royal bloodline. As for now, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are getting ready to reach every milestone of their lives as a family. They are trying their best to give their children a memorable Christmas back in 2021.

The three children of William and Kate weren’t the only ones to receive the grand treatment on the day of Christmas. After going through a rough year, William also wanted to make this Christmas special for his wife Kate and he surprised Kate with a stunning bracelet.

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