Which word is not related to touching? A. Contiguous B. Sentinel C. Tactile D. Tangent

The answer is B. Sentinel. In this article, we will explain why sentinel is not related to touching, and what the other words mean in terms of touch.

What is touch?

Touch is one of the five senses that humans and many animals have. It allows us to perceive and respond to physical contact with objects, other living beings, and our own bodies. Touch is also called somatosensation, which means body sensation.

Touch is composed of several submodalities, such as pressure, temperature, pain, vibration, and proprioception (the sense of body position and movement). These submodalities are detected by different types of receptors in the skin and other tissues. The signals from these receptors are transmitted to the brain through the nervous system, where they are processed and interpreted.

Touch is important for many aspects of life, such as communication, emotion, learning, development, health, and survival. Touch can convey information, feelings, intentions, and preferences. Touch can also stimulate or soothe, heal or harm, comfort or distress.

What does contiguous mean?

Contiguous means next to or touching another thing, usually of the same kind or nature. For example, the 48 states of the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) are contiguous because they share borders with each other. Contiguous can also mean continuous or uninterrupted, such as a contiguous stretch of land or water.

Contiguous is related to touching because it implies physical contact or proximity between things. Contiguous things can be felt or seen as connected or adjacent.

What does tactile mean?

Tactile means relating to or involving the sense of touch. For example, tactile sensations are feelings that result from touching something or being touched by something. Tactile objects are things that can be touched or felt by hand. Tactile learners are people who learn best by doing or manipulating things.

Tactile is related to touching because it describes anything that has to do with touch. Tactile things can be perceived or experienced through touch.

What does tangent mean?

Tangent means a line or curve that touches another curve or surface at one point without crossing it. For example, a tangent line is a straight line that touches a circle at one point and forms a right angle with the radius of the circle at that point. A tangent plane is a flat surface that touches a sphere at one point and is parallel to the sphere’s surface at that point.

Tangent is related to touching because it involves a point of contact between two things. Tangent things can be seen as touching but not intersecting.

What does sentinel mean?

Sentinel means a person or thing that watches or guards something. For example, a sentinel is a soldier or guard who stands at a post to prevent unauthorized entry or attack. A sentinel node is a lymph node that drains lymph from a specific area of the body and is checked for cancer cells.

Sentinel is not related to touching because it does not imply physical contact or sensation between things. Sentinel things can be seen as observing or protecting but not touching.

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