Is Spider One Related to Rob Zombie? The Shocking Truth Behind the Rocker Brothers

Spider One and Rob Zombie are two of the most influential and successful rockers in the modern music scene. They are known for their distinctive styles, horror-themed lyrics, and theatrical live shows. But did you know that they are also brothers?

That’s right, Spider One and Rob Zombie share the same bloodline. They were born as Michael David Cummings and Robert Bartleh Cummings, respectively, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. They are the sons of Louise and Robert Cummings, who worked in a furniture factory and raised their kids in a normal household.

How Did They Become Rock Stars?

Spider One and Rob Zombie grew up loving horror movies, sci-fi, and music. They were inspired by classics such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, White Zombie, and Alice Cooper. They also watched a lot of TV and listened to a variety of genres, from metal to punk to rap.

In 1985, Rob Zombie formed the band White Zombie with his then-girlfriend Sean Yseult. The band started as a noise rock group, but later evolved into a groove metal and industrial metal act. They released four albums, including the platinum-selling Astro-Creep: 2000, before disbanding in 1998.

In 1991, Spider One dropped out of art school and started his own band, Powerman 5000. He bought a cheap four-track home studio and a drum machine, and recorded his first demo with producer Lamar Lowder. The band’s sound was influenced by sci-fi, comic books, and electronic music. They released several albums, including the platinum-selling Tonight the Stars Revolt!, which featured the hit song “When Worlds Collide”.

How Did They Become Filmmakers?

Spider One and Rob Zombie are not only musicians, but also filmmakers. They both have a passion for horror and sci-fi movies, and have directed their own projects.

Rob Zombie made his directorial debut with House of 1000 Corpses in 2003, a homage to 70s exploitation films. He followed it up with The Devil’s Rejects in 2005, a sequel that received more positive reviews than its predecessor. He also directed two remakes of Halloween in 2007 and 2009, which became his highest-grossing films to date. His other films include The Lords of Salem in 2013, 31 in 2016, and 3 from Hell in 2019.

Spider One created and produced the horror comedy mockumentary series Death Valley in 2011, which aired on MTV for one season. He also directed and wrote two short films, Allegoria in 2022 and Bury the Bride in 2023. He is currently working on his feature film debut, Little Bites, which is produced by Cher and stars Heather Langenkamp and Barbara Crampton.

How Do They Get Along?

Spider One and Rob Zombie have never publicly acknowledged their brotherhood until recently. They have always kept their professional lives separate, and have rarely collaborated or performed together. According to Spider One, there has never been a sibling rivalry between them, neither personally nor musically.

In a recent interview with Podsauce podcast , Spider One said:

We grew up loving all the same stuff. But the funny thing is we grew up in a household that was about as normal as you could possibly have… TV and music was really like this gateway to the world… It just opened up the world.

He also said that he respects his brother’s work and achievements:

I think he’s done amazing things… He’s carved out his own path… He’s done things that nobody else has done.

Spider One also revealed that he is planning to collaborate with his brother on a musical project in the near future:

We’ve talked about doing something together… We’ve never really done anything together musically… We’re gonna do something soon.


Spider One and Rob Zombie are two brothers who have made their mark in the rock music and film industry. They have different styles, but share a common love for horror and sci-fi. They have maintained a low-profile relationship, but are supportive of each other’s careers. They are also looking forward to working together on a musical project soon.

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