Wendy Williams DENIES claims made by Wells Fargo about her Mental Health

Wendy Williams calls Wells Fargo a liar! All the claims made by him against her are false. She is absolutely fine and of sound mind. Well according to Fargo, Wendy Williams is financially exploited. Her claims definitely went too far! Finally, Wendy has replied back to Fargo through her lawyer. The two are currently battling out their legal differences in the court of law. Their feud is deepening. Initially, both were friends, but obviously, when the talk is about safeguarding your money, you don’t have any friends. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

The Ongoing Feud Between Wells Fargo And Wendy Williams

The feud is related to the Power of Attorney. Wendy wants his son to be involved in her bank scenario, but Wells Fargo is not ready to shift the Power of Attorney. Not only that, Wendy wants Wells Fargo to open her frozen accounts and assets. Moreover, she wants full access to her financial statements. She also wants the bank to be barred from distorting her financial assets. It is going to be a long legal battle for Wendy Williams. Fargo will go all out to prove Wendy wrong. The numbers are yet to be justified!

On the other hand, Wells Fargo’s allegations on Wendy have surely turned out to be disastrous for Wendy. The fuss started with Wendy’s financial advisor, who claimed Wendy has mental health issues! According to the financial advisor, Wendy is financially exploited and is not of sound mind to handle the numbers herself. Though Wendy’s lawyer had denied all the rumors out there! But the court is still on the case, the final statements from the judge are yet to come out! Wendy is highly worried about the final ruling, she wants the right actions for her bank accounts.

Wendy Williams Is Absolutely ‘Ok’. She Doesn’t Have Mental Health Issues!

Wells Fargo has recently said Wendy is mentally unstable to handle her financial affairs. But Wendy’s lawyer has denied the claim. The whole thing has come from Wendy’s financial advisor. Fargo and Wendy have been friends for a few years now. Wendy is still in shock that Fargo has listened to a mere employee over her saying. She is really disappointed over Fargo’s behavior. Wendy’s lawyer is trying his best to make things work for Wendy. But the main decision still lies with the court. The battle might get longer than we anticipated.

The court has still not given out the final ruling on the case. They are looking into the whole matter. The decision is quite huge, Wendy’s claims are huge. But we are hoping to hear out the final ruling, really soon. Wendy Williams’ actions are really big, but will she win the case? Well, we will keep you updated on this topic. Definitely let us know your views on this case. That’s all for now, to get more such updates on the latest celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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