Venom 3 Release Date – Where is the Plot headed?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage left us all craving for a third outing of the slippery Symbiote and his host. And the credit scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home which siphoned off venom to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has impacted us to another level where we are entangled in all sorts of stories that can take the two universes forward simultaneously. Well, the speculations for Venom 3 and the possibilities for it to be a crossover with other Marvel heroes are kind of compelling but let’s see do we have answers for when we are having the next Venom outing or who will be the cast and what’s really the plot?

Venom 3

Is Venom 3 In the Making?

Well, somehow we all were aware that Venom is a definite project from Sony Pictures but yet we cannot guarantee the future events of any Superhero movies. But right after eight months of Venom: Let There Be Carnage the lead actor who played a wasted journalist having a parasite looming inside him has confirmed by himself that work on the upcoming Venom installment is already started with the first draft of the script being completed. The news came up with a picture on Tom Hardy’s Instagram Page where the actor’s contribution to the story was credited while Kelly Marcel who has also contributed to other Venom movies has been named as the screenwriter. So, enjoy the waiting as at least Venom 3 is in the plans, and the work to put it in theatres is already started.

What Will Venom 3 Be Called?

Unfortunately, the posted image on Tom Hardy’s Instagram page hasn’t given out the name of the upcoming Venom project. We can only see the Symbiote’s tongue swirling into a figure that can be read as ‘3’. Well, it’s quite early for the makers to reveal the title of the anticipated movie. So, as of now Venom 3 is what we have got.

When Will Venom 3 Be Released?

After all those COVID-19 hurdles we got Venom 2 in late 2021 and the release date for Venom 3 is quite difficult to guess because of the multiple crossovers it can have to twist up its plot. The lineup seems quite stretched with Sony’s Spiderverse movie itself which not only enrolled Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to be released on June 2, 2023, and March 29, 2024’s Beyond the Spider-Verse but also features various spin-offs to the spider world. Notably, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is quite an awaited project for Sony as it’s going to be a sequel to 2018’s Oscar Winning movie.

The various Spiderman spin-off going to rule 2023 and early 2024 with Kraven the Hunter being lined up for January 13, 2023, Madame Web hitting the silver screen on July 7, 2023, and El Muerto being released on January 12, 2024.

After all these, the glimpse of Eddie visiting the Marvel world even complicated the speculations of Venom 3’s release date. So, when will the multiverse of Marvel Cinematic Universe allows the symbiote and its host to get a role will also be a factor for the upcoming Venom movie. To great relief, though we have seen Eddie being pulled back to his world so, that might be a sign that MCU’s rowed-up movies won’t cause the delay for Venom 3 but considering the Sony Pictures plan and gap in Venom and Let There Be Carnage’s release we can only anticipate Venom 3 in 2024.

What’s The Ensemble For Venom 3?

Well again, it’s too early to anticipate the cast of Venom 3 but yet we may speculate on the major players of Venom’s story. The obvious one is the lead role where Hardy has never disappointed us in the series. Hardy is yet to sign the third installment enrollment or maybe he’s already in and we have not got the official confirmation yet. But, the post-credit scene in No Way Home gave us a clear picture of Hardy portraying Eddie in the Marvel Universe which convince us that there is a long way to go before the actor says goodbye to the role.

Next in the line will be Michelle Williams who’s our She-Venom. Michelle really has very less in her hand as of now with just a cameo in Let There Be Carnage being listed in her screen time. But we have heard the actress’ desire back in Venom’s era to live up alter ego phase of Anne Weying. So, Venom 3 might be the time for her to shine.

The loveable (not really) detective Patrick Mulligan played by Stephen Graham obviously got some big roles in the future as Venom 3: Let There Be Carnage’s finale gave us a hint for the same. To our fortune, we might get Flash Thompson in the next Venom movie. Don’t know, if you want Tony Revolori from Marvel to come back as Flash but the chances are higher for Joe Manganiello to rule in the Multiverse with Venom.

As we have seen at the end of Woody Harrelson’s Carnage and Shriek of Naomie Harris, the characters and associated actors will be out of the picture in Venom 3 unless Sony wants them back for more wreckage.

What Will Be The Plot For Venom 3?

Venom 3: Let There Be Carnage to a point has already led us to the plot for the next Venom movie. Also, the hardcore Venom fans must have gotten a hint when the detective was not really referred loveable. We have seen Patrick Mulligan taking the role of famous Venomverse villain Toxin and those blue flashing eyes in the finale scene were quite fruitful for the viewers who wanted to see this comic arc to be taken next in the movie. Though Graham will be a near-perfect justice to the role of Toxin, Let There Be Carnage’s credit has not presented him as Toxin- well, we will take the excuse that the makers were not ready to give such a direct hint.

But the director of previous Venom movies, Andy Serkis who will most probably helm the next Venom project too has presented Graham’s Toxin to be the greater possibility in the movie. Back then when he was asked if can we take hints from Toxin’s appearance in the finale season then he said that-

“a hundred percent. I mean, I think there’s so much potential in the Venomverse for really interesting journeys before kind of the inevitable happens.”

Serkis to a great extent hinted that the most awaited crossover of Spiderman and Venom is now on a backburner as the makers are more focused to explore the villains that exist in Ravencroft Institute. In an interview with Screen Rant, he dismissed the crossover’s possibilities in the near future while saying that

“I know everyone is desperate for Venom to meet Spider-Man. I know that. But I think there’s real mileage in some of the other supervillains that reside in Ravencroft. There’s such fertile ground to be uncovered there. That would be the sandbox I’d be really interested in playing in. Who’s lurking in there that could break out?”

Also, why we haven’t seen even an inkling of the renowned antagonist Knull yet? To your pleasure, makers might be on roll with the “King in Black” arc where Knull pulls the stunts to wreak havoc on earth with the symbiote army and speculations suggest that the arc is the reason why Eddie along with the Symbiote traveled the Marvel Universe.

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