Is Shawn Related to the Stokes Twins? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Shawn Stokes is a popular YouTuber who has over 2 million subscribers on his channel, where he posts pranks, challenges, and comedy videos. He is often seen collaborating with his brother, Corey Stokes, who is also a YouTuber. But are they related to the famous Stokes Twins, Alan and Alex, who have over 19 million subscribers on their channel and 31 million followers on TikTok?

Who are the Stokes Twins?

Alan and Alex Stokes are American twins and internet celebrities who rose to fame on YouTube and TikTok with their comedy, vlog, and shorts videos. They began making videos separately and then combined their following into a shared twins account. As of 2022, their YouTube channel is the 9th largest in the world as measured by views per episode. 

The Stokes Twins have also faced legal issues in the past. In August 2020, they were charged with false imprisonment and falsely reporting an emergency in connection with a YouTube video that they had recorded in October 2019. The video contained two separate fake bank robberies as pranks, where the brothers pretended to be robbers and asked unsuspecting people for help. The prank resulted in an Uber driver being held at gunpoint by police and caused panic among bystanders. The twins pleaded guilty in April 2021 and were sentenced to 160 hours of community service and a year of probation. 

Is Shawn Stokes one of the Stokes Twins?

The answer is no. Shawn Stokes is not related to Alan and Alex Stokes by blood or by adoption. They are not brothers, cousins, or any other kind of relatives. They just happen to share the same surname and have similar interests in making YouTube videos.

According to sitename, Shawn Stokes was born on October 10, 1993 in New Jersey, while Alan and Alex Stokes were born on November 23, 1996 in China. Shawn Stokes also has a different ethnicity from the Stokes Twins. Shawn is African American, while Alan and Alex are of Chinese descent.

Shawn Stokes has never claimed to be related to the Stokes Twins, nor have they ever acknowledged him as a family member. They have never collaborated on any videos or appeared together on any social media platforms. The rumors of their relation are simply based on their common last name and their similar content.


Shawn Stokes is not related to the Stokes Twins in any way. He is a separate YouTuber who makes his own videos with his brother Corey Stokes. The rumors of their relation are false and have no evidence to support them.

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