Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date – Our prediction about the upcoming season

It’s no doubt that Korean Dramas are making their marks all around the world and recent hits like Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead and Sweet Home are the benchmark that has been put into the entertainment world. Of all these, since the 2020 release in December, we haven’t heard much about Sweet Home Season 2 renewal even if it has ended on a cliffhanger that might set the course for future installments. Let us review what we know so far about the renewal.

Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home Season 2: Is it In Plans?

Since the finale episode of Sweet Home Season 1, fans were only searching for some hints or speculations that might point towards renewal of the series and in March 2022, Song Kang’s manager’s IG story became a ray of hope as he uploaded the shooting glimpse of the series.

We were eagerly waiting for the renewal announcement and it was almost like Netflix has dropped the series which topped several charts after its premiere. But in June 2022, 18 months after Sweet Homes’ debut we got a delightful breaking that the South Korean apocalyptic horror drama will be back with all those curious turns soon. But then too we were not aware of the prospective release date for the next installment.

To give a hint as to when we can expect Sweet Home season 2, makers have recently announced in September 2022 that the next season is finally in production, and not just that, the fandom can be relaxed further as a third season is also in the making. That means we might get back-to-back seasons with a little break in the middle.

Sweet Home Season 2: When Will It Premiere?

As we do not have a confirmed date on our hands, guesswork is all we can do.  If we go by the process of season one then the filming in total took 8 months from June 2019 to February 2020 and the series after all the post-production work got released in December 2020. If we put the same logic and assume that production work started in June 2022 then the filming will probably take till February 2023 and that gives us the December 2023 date. So, as for now, we have to wait and cherish the renewal of the series.

Sweet Home Season 2: New Entry In The Cast?

For the existing cast of Sweet Home Season one, we are quite sure of who will return to reprise their role and who will not as it’s a game of death and being alive.

But what has been the talk of the town is the recent news of K-Pop artist BIBI (Kim Hyung-Seo) joining the cast. The news was going around widely and fans were so excited to see the idol in the yet-unknown role but in September the announcement that BIBI has left the cast turned down the excitement. Reports suggest that the artist left the show after the dates became a hurdle for the filming schedule. As of now, there is no news as to who is going to fill up the gap.

Sweet Home Season 2: What’s The Plot?

The Netflix horror drama has left many threads loosened and we expect Sweet Home Season 2 to give many answers. We will see what we can expect in Season 2.

What About The Remaining Survivors?

First and foremost, we all want a blissful happening when Eun Soo will reunite with Cha Hyun Soo for whom she has feelings. The union is greatly awaited and their fight for survival together might be a significant part of the next installment.

For other survivors that are alive in Green Homes, it obviously cannot be a safe road ahead even if it’s the military under which they have taken shelter as Eun Hyuk proclaimed in a clear voice that no one can put a halt to the survivors turning into the monsters. And for sure, Sweet Home Season 2 is in the plan to create even more tragedy, and remember season 3 is also ahead so, a happy ending might not be on the page soon.

Yi Kyung Will Get Answers Related To Her Fiancés?

Season 1 was full of parts where Yi Kyung was seen searching for clues to find out what happened to her fiancés, Nam Sang Won, and now that she is in the military the chances are high that she will search for Cha Hyun Soo who might put end to all her queries.

Can Eun Hyuk Be Still Alive?

If we go by chance then Eun Hyuk could be alive as we have seen him bleeding in the way the infected person does right before the Green Homes went down. If it is true that he has been infected then the trigger that he wants his broken family to be together can make him go through metamorphosis and it is safe to say that under that debris he is collecting the abilities to come back. So, we might see Eun Hyuk still taking care of his sister Eun Yoo who’s not biologically connected to her.

How Sang-Wook Is Still Alive?

The mind-bending ending of Sweet Home Season one where we found Sang Wook and that too without even a scar driving Cha Hyun Soo into the military van. This all happened after we saw a sequel of Sang Wook facing the end of his life when he tried to help Yu Ri. How that is even possible?

The answer could be Myeong who escaped from Cha Hyun Soo and hide in the military van. It is possible that Myeong might be controlling Sang Wook’s body after his death as the former is known to have the power of possessing other humans. So, that suggests Cha Hyun Soo is in trouble. While the second possibility suggests that Sang Wook might be in his Golden Hour where he is about to turn into a monster after going through his own metamorphosis process. So, it will be interesting to see where the makers are taking the story.

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