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Yoshiaki Sukeno is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Twin Star Exorcists (Sousei no Onmyouji). Since 2013, the magazine Jump Square has been publishing manga. As of right present, this series has twenty-five volumes. Tomohisa Taguchi is the director of the anime that was made from it. From 2016 to 2017, the anime was aired on television. Bandai Namco Entertainment made a game that was based on the series. in this article, we shall discuss Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 114.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 114

Release date

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 114 will debut on December 4. Every month, the manga is released in Jump Square’s magazine during the first week. After only a few chapters are published, it gained a lot of followers.

Time Zone:

  • Pacific Standard Time 9:00 a.m.
  • Eastern Standard Time 12:00 noon
  • Central Standard Time: 11:00 am
  • British Summer Time: 5:00 pm


An impressionable youngster named Rokuro Enmado aspires to become a skilled exorcist. He resides in the other world of Magano, which is populated by ‘Kegare’ monsters. These lands are cleansed by exorcists.

A sad event results in the deaths of Rokuro’s comrades, forcing him to leave his line of work. The Exorcist Union also transports another exorcist, Benio Adashino, to Tokyo. When a kidnapping occurs, Benio intervenes to save the kid. Rokuro assists her in getting to safety.

The “Twin Star Exorcists,” according to a prophecy, are this group. To stop the damage Kegare is causing, they start to fight alongside one another. They will wed and have a child known as the “Miko” as predicted by the prophecy.

The solution to stopping the conflict brought on by the demonic spirits will be found in their child. Miko, who is thought to be the reincarnation of Abe no Seimei, will purge this planet of all pollutants.

Where to read the manga?

The Manga can be read on MangaPlus from Viz Media and Shueisha and the anime is also accessible via Crunchyroll. The upcoming manga chapter which is Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 114 will also be available to read there after release.

Main Characters introduction

Rokuro Enmado

In the Twin Star Exorcists series, Rokuro Enmado is the main character. He is a professional exorcist and the sole survivor of the Hiinatsuki Dormitory.

They are the remaining Twin Star Exorcists, along with Benio Adashino, and they will inevitably conceive a child who will become the Miko. Additionally, he built Enmado House on Tsuchimikado Island.

After the Hiinatsuki tragedy, he decided to stop fighting and giving exorcisms because he was afraid of losing more “individuals that he thought often about.” In the past, he was very active, dreaming of purifying and eradicating all impurities and Magano.

He frequently tries to excel in a variety of fields, such as acting and soccer, but he lacks the necessary talent and fails at everything, even simple tasks like guiding and reading.

Even though he has no desire to engage in combat, he can’t stand by helplessly when someone is in need, and he is willing to risk his life to assist those who are unfortunate. For example, he saved Benio from severe contamination that she had trouble overcoming on her own and rushed to Magano to save Ryougo without giving it a second thought.

Benio Adashino

The series Twin Star Exorcists’ main female protagonist is Benio Adashino. One of the 64 most prominent locations on Tsuchimikado Island, she is at the top of the Adashino House.

She and Rokuro Enmado are the current Twin Star Exorcists, and they will undoubtedly give birth to a child who will become the Miko. She marries Rokuro Enmado in the manga, and they have the same last name.

Benio first gives off the impression of being a cool, composed person who dislikes speaking and is often agitated. Her peculiar way of speaking causes her to stop speaking in the middle of several sentences. She is really vivacious and can be somewhat obnoxious when it comes to expulsion.

Honor and pride are essential to her because she hails from a significant family. She is also quite serious, especially when she is around Rokuro, and because she was taught to never back down from what she says, she can be very obstinate and use any argument to her advantage.

When Rokuro unintentionally exposes her or in other skewed situations, she typically responds with a made-up spell to “douse” Rokuro’s depravity. This is known as the “expulsion energy running gag.”

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