The New Epic PS5 Redesign Looks Even More Elegant Especially When Placed Horizontally

When it comes to design, the PS5 is a polarising unit, whether you like it or not. It’s Sony’s largest console to date, and many people were taken aback by the two-tone white and black color scheme. It also looks a little off when viewed horizontally.

Of course, a PS5 redesign is unavoidable in the future, most likely in the form of a PS5 slim. But for now, it’s entertaining to see how some creative people can transform Sony’s computer using their own creativity, unconventional materials, and creative thinking.

PlayStation slim versions have been available for about as long as PlayStation itself. The slimmed-down ‘PS1′ version of the original PlayStation console was followed by the PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim, and PS4 Slim consoles, which were all new versions of the famous gaming machine.

DIY Perks, who previously designed a stunning brass PlayStation 5, has shown how the PlayStation 5 might have looked if Sony had taken a completely different approach. We also get a fascinating look at the PS5’s internals, as well as how DIY Perks tackles the issue of airflow and their solution for making the PS5 look nice when positioned horizontally.

The PS5 Digital Edition is turned into something that resembles a high-end piece of audio equipment rather than a console, but it appears to work as anticipated.

Although the DIY Perks design might not be for all, the prospect of a black PS5 is sure to appeal to the masses. Sony has yet to announce a black PS5 console, despite the release of a Midnight Black PS5 DualSense controller.

You do not, however, have to wait. Dark Plates, which allow you to replace the PS5’s white faceplates with attractive matte black ones, were recently released by a custom skin manufacturer dbrand. We tried them and think dbrand’s Dark Plates are awesome, but there is a waitlist for the next shipment, so you’ll have to wait.

Despite being on sale for more than six months, PS5 stock is still tough to obtain. The US has seen more PS5 restocks, but the UK hasn’t been as consistent in releasing new PS5 stock for customers to purchase. Stock levels may increase as the year progresses, but Sony has cautioned that shortages will persist for the near future.

The PlayStation 5 is a strong and well-designed console that delivers an exciting next-generation gaming experience. Its exclusive game library continues to be a showcase for the PS5’s fantastic DualSense controller, spatial audio technology, and lightning-fast SSD, and it’s why so many gamers will be lusting after Sony’s new PlayStation console. However, it may be too large for certain setups, and a couple of flaws keep it from being a five-star product. It is, however, a welcome improvement over the PS4 and a thrilling gateway to next-gen gaming.

They’ve updated their PS5 review to show their feelings about the console after six months of use. Sony’s exclusive games have improved in quality, and the company’s system improvements have made a few satisfying adjustments. There are a few problems that need to be addressed, such as the lack of internal storage and some UI quirks, but we still suggest picking up a PS5 if you can find one.


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