The Chi Season 5 Officially Renewed? Has It Started Filming Yet?

As The Chi finished the 4th season with suspense on Sunday, the creator Lena Waithe told during an Instagram Live session that Showtime has renewed The Chi for Season 5.

The Chi: Introduction

The Chi is the contemporary tale of a group of Chicago individuals from the southern side united by chance and tied together by the need for linkage and redeeming. The Chi Season 4 begins up with a disastrous ride with a gang of cops chasing Jake (Michael V. Epps). Newly married Emmette (Jacob Latimore) and Tiff (guest star Hannah Hall) are considering open marriage to deal with the consequences of his relationship with Dom (guest star La la Anthony). Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) struggles with her maternity, while Jada (Yolonda Ross) fearlessly tackles a health issue. A new podcast is being launched by Papa (Shamon Brown Jr.) and the relation of Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert) and Jemma (Judae Brown guest star) takes a new turn. New Mayor Douda (Curtiss Cook) uses his new power while sailing through his complex relationship with Roselyn (guest star Kandi Burruss). In the meantime, Trig (Luke James) and Imani (Jasmine Davis guest star) are undertaking a personal quest to aid their community.

The Chi: Reception

There was a dilemma about whether the show would cancel or be renewed but fortunately, it’s decided to be renewed.  Since The Chi launched the drama series, it has been praised as a show that keeps everyone excited and delivers episodes of breath-taking emotions one after the other. The first season of the program was given a critical score of 87percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a public score of 76percent with loads of critical acclaim and appreciation. Every season was stronger compared to the prior, leading to a yearly renewal of the show. This became one of the most popular showtime programs with even more than 4.2 million subscriptions and views per week. Contrary to other firms, Showtime does not have any connection with numbers. To yet, streaming statistics have never been displayed. However, in the on-air broadcast, there are 300,000 viewers every episode as per Nielson daily statistics.

The Chi Season 5: Release Date

It also looks like the program will continue for the upcoming season with Kevin, Jake, Papa & Co. Lena Waite, the show’s maker, produced advertising while she live-streams on Instagram. She added, “the season is coming, it’s finished, it’s written.” She talked to the supporters and expressed her thanks for their devotion and patience. “It’s been a voyage, we have learned a great deal, we grow up a great deal. And we did grow up with all these personalities.  We yell at them. With them, we did stupid things. From children to youngsters and young women we see them grow and mature.” She also stated “We’re really thankful before she suggested any more stuff. Yes, the fifth season comes.” The Chi Season 5 will mark its first in 2022 with such good feedback.

The Chi Season 4 discusses the obstacles and advantages briefly. Season 4 cast includes Alex Hibbert, Luke James, Luke Latimer, Burgundy Baker, and Shamon Brown Jr. Curtis Koch. The Chi is among the most popular shows now and aims to add a new season. There are huge interests and demands for the upcoming season The Chi Season 5.

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