The Baby Episode 1 Release Date and Where to Watch

Have you guys heard about ‘The Baby‘? Not yet? So lets us know about the new British horror-comedy series – “The Baby”. It was announced in August 2020 that HBO had given a series order to The Baby. The episodes of the series started filming on May 31, 2021, in the United Kingdom. From different sources, we come to know that the series “The Baby” will consist of 8 episodes. The Baby Episode 1 is about to release.

About the series “The Baby”?

In the series, you will see Natasha, a 38 years old lady who never made a long-time plan, and one day she unexpectedly landed with a baby, that she doesn’t even want, changing her life dramatically. The baby turned Natasha’s life into a horror show because the baby was born with controlling, manipulative and violent powers. From where did the baby come from? What does this baby want? How much time will the baby stay with Natasha? In how many days did she gets her life back? Natasha didn’t want the baby but the wants her. Isn’t the story sounding interesting?

What is The Baby episode 1 about?

Natasha’s every friend was giving the news of their pregnancy and once again one of her friends announces her pregnancy surprisingly. After listening to the news, Natasha moved toward the remote cabin to make her head work normally. But there she finds something that is against her will and she always sought to get away from “The Baby”.

Who will we see in the series?

You will meet here with different actors playing different interesting roles. You will see Michelle de Swarte as Natasha, Shvorne Marks as Mags, Amira Ghazalla as Mrs. Eaves who is a  73-year-old “mysterious ” who has spent 50 years of her life living in her car. Amber Grappy as Bobbi, who will be Natasha’s younger sister and whose only dream is to become a parent, Patrice Naiambana as Natasha’s father Lyle, Sinéad Cusack as Natasha’s mother Barbara, Isy Suttie as Rita, Tanya Reynolds as Helen, Seyan Sarvan as Nour, Karl Davies as Jack, and Divian Ladwa will be seen as Fooze.

When will the series be released?

The Baby Episode 1, ‘The Arrival’ will be released on Sunday that is on April 24, 2022. The show will be on air at 10:30 PM on HBO Max. The official trailer of the series has already been released. You can have a view of the trailer of the series. So guy’s watch the series ‘The Baby’ and give love to the series.


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