Christopher Walken to Play the role of the Emperor in Dune Part 2 Confirmed

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DC developing an Amanda Waller HBO Max Spin-Off series with Viola Davis

The stage is set for Amanda Waller! Looks like Viola Davis is ready for her solo DC series! Yes, you heard it right, HBO Max and Warner Bros. are planning to make a superwoman series focused around Amanda Waller! It is supposed to be a Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad spin-off series. Fans are going … Read more

This is how Sydney Sweeney’s Family REACTED to her Nude scenes in Euphoria

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The Batman 2: Robert Pattinson is ALREADY WORKING on a Sequel Idea

The Batman wrapped with a question, a post-credits scene that wasn’t exactly a scene but instead a code: the words “goodbye” in the Riddler’s green message (something like the Matrix’s coding console meets a QAnon message). A picture presented on the site recently contained a code, which when decoded read, “You believe I’m done yet … Read more

Peacemaker Season 2 Release Date; Is the John Cena Starrer sequel already in the making?

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