Top Gun Maverick Sound Track to be composed by Lady Gaga – Everything to know

Top Gun: Maverick is in high talks. The movie is just around the corner! Tom Cruise is highly excited about his new movie. Maverick is ready to face his past. Fans can’t wait to witness the movie. Do you dare to fly? This is the main question here! We are highly pumped to unfold the … Read more

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly CHEATING SCANDAL is Troubling Paul Bettany, Rumor Explained

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Bill Maher SLAMMING and ABUSING Tom Cruise for Supporting China

Bill Maher has now raised his voice against Tom Cruise. Looks like Tom is now in a problem. We all know the star is currently busy promoting his new movie. Recently, he was seen wearing a leather jacket! There was nothing wrong with the jacket but it had some banners which related him to China. … Read more

Watch Tom Cruise narrating footage from upcoming film Top Gun Maverick at an AFC Championship tease

Tom Cruise just teased his upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick footage in an AFC Championship league. I aired between the match of Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs and the title is The Time is now which means he is telling in the time to do whatever it takes to achieve what you want. … Read more