Star Wars Episode X might be announced at the D23 expo

The Star Wars universe has been expanding over on a big note while Star Wars Episode X has been in discussions and talks among the audience for a long time.

It has been a while since the audience saw the last of the Star Wars movies on the screens and mentioning the part where the audience was convinced that the movie has finally reached the big conclusion and that is due to the part that there has not been any update on it for a long time but now the big rumors are finally stirring up and with the hopes that the title is under the development.

There have been big reports coming in and giving a sign that we might finally be getting Star Wars Episode X and that the long wait will come to an end afterall whereas to mention that there are other signs that the Skywalker Saga will be witnessing a sequel at this time amd though the sources are reporting that Star Wars: Visions has basically laid over the storyline foundation for Star Wars: Episode X.

Star Wars Episode X

Star Wars Episode X is expected to hit the screens soon

Though to mention that Star Wars: Vision came out as an animated series and which was made for Disney+ and now the future for the Star Wars movies is set because both Disney and Lucasfilm came forward to mention that there will be a number of Star Wars movies ahead in the future and where some of them will be releasing after The Rise of the Skywalker has hit the screens but it can be said that the authorities will have to while in order for these movies to release on the screens.

There were other big predictions put forth on the title by the fans and it is expected that Star Wars Episode X may release sometime in 2024 it is said that Lucasfilm and Disney are taking over their time at this period and it was already stated by the authorities of Disney that more work is to be done at this time on the title but the wait will no doubt be worth it.

Despite the part that there is very less information on the title, it is said that Rian Johnson will be the director of the movie but the authorities are yet to confirm this part and also on how other changes will be brought upon and hence to mention that is speculated that the title will moreover come forward as a trilogy and which is based upon the certain release dates which have been unveiled.

It is stated that The Ninth Jedi also linked some events which will also be connected in the upcoming Star Wars Episode X and thus the mystery along with the action-packed title is set to lay over the path for the upcoming title.

There are big speculations that the upcoming Star Wars Episode X will come out as a sequel to The Ninth Jedi and this will set an amazing story if it goes on to happen. One of the biggest questions that the viewers have been raising at this time is whether Kara may come out as the Ninth Jedi and that will set another big event for Episode X to follow.

Episode X will be a direct sequel to The Last Jedi

Not only these signs have been considered at the time but there have been other speculations that Star Wars: Episode X will be announced at the upcoming D23 Expo event which is scheduled to take place in September and hence say that the fans are very much convinced that the title will be one of the big announcement made by the creators and more of a glimpse will also be given on the title.

Everything will be known once the event will take place and the air will be cleared but one thing is for sure that Star Wars Episode X will change the future of Star Wars movies and it is yet to see if the announcement will be made by the authorities along with the teaser that everyone has been waiting for.

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