The Last Of Us series Release Date and Where to Watch

The Last of Us series which has lined up recently has been in talks for a long time the title is an ongoing development and it’s not long before it will release on the screens.

The Last of Us is known as one of the biggest gaming franchises and though the highly rated game was adapted over in the show process by HBO and mentioning the part that the show has been in development for a long and though it has been a while since the authorities have not dropped any update or other information on the upcoming title.

The news recently came through that the filming of The Last of Us series has been wrapped up which also means we are a lot closer to it hitting the screens soon and although the latest update which has come forward from the authorities also mentioned that it will release by the start of 2023 and it’s just a matter of time till we will see Ellie and Joel into action on the screens and though to mention that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will be playing the duo in The Last of Us series.

The Last Of Us series

The Last of Us series is set to release soon

The fans have been more concerned about the release date of the show and HBO Max Chief Content officer Casey Bloys even opened up on this part saying that the title is closer to release in 2023 and also cleared up the air that the title will not be releasing in 2022 and as there were other rumors that the title will release in 2022. The filming of the show was wrapped up back in June as it was taking place in Canada and it kicked off back in April of 2021 it could be said that the authorities took their time in making the title and that the title will be worth it and is expected to live up to the major expectations of the audience.

While there were other questions on the cast of The Last of Us series and it has opened up that Pedro Pascal from Mandalorian will be playing the role of Joel ahead and shall be taking up the lead role at the time and the one who Troy Baker played in the video game title. The actor also stated that he has never played in video game series and thus he also does not have any fair as he finds the character of Joel very impressive. Bella Ramsey will be playing the role of Ellie and which the audience has stated to be a perfect fit for the character but her performance will speak whether she is a perfect match for the character or not.

Gabriel Luna will also come forward to play the role of Tommy, who is known to be a younger brother of Joel while Merle Dandridge is set to play the character of Marlene, who is the leader of The Fireflies.

Hence to mention that the first trailer of The Last of Us is finally here and we can say that the wait is finally over and now the viewers can come across the first glimpse of The Last of Us series this time whereas they could also be seen recreating numerous scenes from the game itself and which the fans stated that they loved to see and now everyone is getting more curious about the plot of the upcoming title and how it will differ from the game itself.

The series finally has some big updates

The other big question that the fans have been raising is whether the upcoming title will be covering both parts of the game and this stays a mystery for now and may only be known once The Last of Us series hits the screens.

The show will be taking place 20 years after the human civilization has completely been destroyed and Joel is known to be a survivor who has been hired to snuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl who will be from out of an oppressive quarantine zone and it will be interesting to see how the small job will turn out to be a heartbreaking one whereas to mention that the show will be available to stream on HBO Max.

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