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Solo Levelling, a South Korea-based web novel that is licensed under the name Only I Level Up.  The novel was initially published in Kakao’s digital comic and also on their official online platform name KakaoPage. It first hit the markets in 2016 on 25 July. Soon after the release, the web novel was taken under the Papyrus label of D&C Media and thereafter was licensed in English. So, when is Solo Leveling Chapter 176 about to release?


The fantasy novel revolves around Sung Jinwoo, the protagonist of the story who is chosen as the only player by the system after all the members hailing from his party are dead and defeated. Basically, the story is about how certain humans who possess great magical abilities have to fight the evils and the monsters to prevent the human race from wiping out and protecting the world. Now, after the protagonist is chosen as the sole player, he even gets a chance to upgrade his abilities to a limit unknown and thus unfolds his journey as he manages to protect the world against the sinners and evils.


The character list of the fiction includes Sung Jinwoo as the main lead, Sung Jinah as his small sister, Yoo Jinho as his best friend, Ashborn as the ruler of shadows, and also king of the dead, Antares as monarch of destruction, and even the dragon king. adding to the list are certain monarchs, rulers, some S Rank Hunters like Hwang Dongsoo, Go Gunhee, Sung ll Hwan, Cha Hae ln, some B rank hunters like Lee Joohee and the strongest hunters of America, Japan, china like Thomas Andre, Goto Ryuji, Liu Zhigang respectively.


The web novel has completed its 175 chapters with the next chapter arriving soon. Before getting into the details, let et a quick recap of what happened in the previous episode. The previous chapter was all about the epic war between the shadow monarch Sung Jinwoo and Monarch of destruction Antares. Angry Antares was seen throwing beams of fire on the shadow monarch where he manages to dodge while thinking that injury is quite a possibility if even of these hit him. The chapter also sees sacrificing by Kaisel by using his last wish and saving the hero. Sung Jinwoo soon realizes the need for armor in order to win this fight over and thus in an attempt to make one, he pulls the shadows and darkness and then is seen rushing towards Antares who also runs forward towards him and the episode ends right there.


Solo Leveling Chapter 176 will be seen unfolding on the same grounds from where it left. However, no spoilers of the same have been released yet. The same can be expected to arrive an hour to two before the release.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 176 after being delayed for a week is set to release on 8th December 2021 under the following time zones-

  • Central Time: 11-1 PM on 8 December
  • British Time: 4-6 PM on 8 December
  • Pacific Time: 9-11 AM on 8 December
  • Eastern Time: 12-2 PM on 8 December
  • Philippine Time: 12–2 AM on 9 December
  • Australia Time: 2.30–4.30 AM on 9 December

The reason for the 1-week delay as confirmed by the makers was only to improve certain scenes in the upcoming chapter thereby improvising its content quality.


The fans can read Solo Levelling Chapter 176 on the KakaoPage and even can surf over to TappyToon and Tapas Media. The chapters are even available in English translation at Tapas Media.


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