Lisa Bonet want Amber Heard FIRED from Aquaman 2 after Seeing Her FLIRTING with Jason Momoa

How’s The Relationship Between Jason and Lisa?

Jason Momoa is a famous actor from Hollywood due to his good physique and good acting in movies like See, Dune, The Red Road, and The Sweet Girl. But what stands out most about his character is his relationship with his wife Lisa Bonet that has lasted all this time. After a thousand times of happy dating, Jason and Lisa got married in October 2017. The couple kept their relationship so secret that some fans even believed that the two stars were married, ten years earlier, that is, in October 2017. Jason, like everyone else, saw Lisa first on the Cosby Show.

After the wedding, the couple starred together in other shows. They starred in Jason Momoa’s film Road to Paloma. Prior to marrying Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa was in a seven-year relationship with Simone Jade Mackinnon, an Australian heroine. They had planned a Hawaiian wedding when everything changed quickly, possibly since Momoa and Bonet met then.

Is Lisa Against Jason and Amber Working Together?

While in the promotion of their hit film ‘Aquaman‘, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard got close. Throughout their campaigns, the two seemed to be very sympathetic. Lisa Bonet seems uncomfortable with her husband’s closeness to the heroine of his movie, who is Johnny Depp‘s ex-wife. As reports tell us, Jason Momoa’s growing friendship with Amber Heard made his wife worry about him. Lisa Bonet’s worst disagreement was due to the past history of Amber Heard and her male partners. A notable example is Johnny Depp, a co-star in the film “The Rum Diary“.

However, considering the two female stars have been seen chatting in public, and Lisa Bonet has never shown any resentful behavior for Amber Heard and Jason Momoa’s fictional love, this could be news and speculation by viewers. Previously the two actors were filmed together in several movies. However, there are no false stories about this relationship that will be able to destroy the good relationship of Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa.

What Happened In The Aquaman Movie?

Fans of the DC Comics series were treated to a love story unlike any other during the launch of the 2018 Aquaman film. The heroic film starring Arthur AKA Aquaman as he instructs the kingdom of Atlantis in the struggle with his brother, King Orm, who seeks to unite the seven underwater kingdoms to destroy the surface. Prior to the success of this hit movie, all the cast and crew went to a big party with Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.


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Amber shared photos of the event on Instagram, and even one of her and Jason opened a wine cellar while putting on some funny stuff. In the message, he called Jason his “Aqua Hubby” and expressed his gratitude for the previous seven months of working with him. There were also some sources that he faced a lot of criticism before filming Aquaman 2. Previously it was not confirmed whether he would take on his role of Mera or not. But finally, after a long wait, he revealed via Instagram post that he will be an integral part of the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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