Solo Leveling Anime: What do we know so far?

Solo Leveling is about to come out in the world of anime and to mention that we have stepped forward into 2022 and the year will be presenting some of the big titles at the period of time and the viewers are also excited for Solo Leveling Anime.

Mentioning the fact that Solo Leveling has gone up to make a big mark and is basically known throughout as one of the best mangas to have ever been written in the period of time. The manga has been presenting a strong storyline ever since it was published back in 2018 and thus it has been going strong whereas it has also gained over huge popularity in the period of time and the title is also favorite to be adapted as the anime version, while many think that the production is already underway.

The manga has gone up to hit a number of milestones at the period of time and thus it has secured the first position in the list of webtoons. Solo Leveling on the other hand is also known as the beat manga which has ever been written and this is how it has also gained huge popularity in the period of time.

Solo Leveling


Solo Leveling will be making a big mark in the world of anime

The fans have been demanding the authorities to get the Solo Leveling Anime and it has been a long period of time. Moreover to mention that Solo Leveling is based upon the theme of Dungeon Gates that opens up into the world of humans. The creators have also given the word that the Solo Leveling Anime would be something that the fans have been asking for.

The anime on the other hand has also been rising high to the position of fame and the popularity is another reason why the viewers are also demanding the show to be given an anime adaptation and the fans are also holding big talks and completing other petitions over the time that there should be a Solo Leveling Anime.

Solo Leveling


The word from the authorities has not yet been out but it is expected that it will soon come under the attention of the authorities and that it is just a matter of time before there is an announcement regarding the title. The production of the anime will thus be taking some period of time.

There has also not been any other news regarding the release date or when will the show be arriving through the period of time. The fans are also predicting over time that Solo Leveling Anime would basically be arriving by the end of 2022 or by the beginning of 2023 and it is yet to see how the show would be coming forward on the screens to perform and especially considering the part that it is not far till the show arrives.

Speaking of reports, on a microblogging site of China called Weibo, an insider has given the confirmation that the Solo Leveling Anime is getting official and the announcement of the release date is going to take place soon. Aside from this particular user, many other Twitter users have also commented on this topic, claiming this news to be absolutely true.

If these rumors are actually true, we can make some speculations that Studio Mir is going to be in charge of the production works. In this context, you should that Studio Mir is a studio that originated in South Korea and is well-known for its top-notch works in several popular animated series like The Legends of Korra and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. As all the fans are already familiar with the events where the manga is adapted into anime, fans really wanted MAPPA or Ufotable to take over the production. But considering the anti-Japan factors in the story of this manhwa, that won’t be happening. Some webtoons such as Tower of God or Noblesse got adapted and licensed by online streaming platform Crunchyroll. But that won’t be the case for this one.

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