Seth Rogen HATES James Franco and WON’T Work With Him EVER After SEXUAL HARASSMENT Case

Canadian actor, comedian, writer, and filmmaker Seth Rogen has said that he has no plans to work with co-star and former friend James Franco ever again. This came as quite a shock since the two seemed to be really close friends for a long time and also did a lot of work together.

The two stars got their start on the same TV show called “Freaks and Geeks” on NBC and have remained friends since then. The pair have done many movies since then and work well together on screen.

This lead fans to wonder, what changed suddenly?

Seth Rogen Says He Won’t Work With James Franco Ever Again

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Seth Rogen said he will not be working with James Franco in the future and also said that he “cannot define” their relationship right now because this incident (understandably) changed many things about their dynamic.

What Is The Reason Behind This?

Over the years, there have been multiple allegations of sexual misconduct on James Franco. These allegations were mostly made by young girls, some minors too.

Back in 2014, Seth Rogen made a joke in his “Saturday Night Live” opening monologue, where he joked about a 17-year-old girl’s allegation that James Franco had direct messaged her on Instagram to meet up.

At the time, it was a joke, although an inappropriate and serious one. Seth Rogen claims he was unaware of the seriousness of this allegation back then.

Seth also went on to explain that he tried to prank James Franco once by posing as a young girl on Instagram. he messages James Franco, told him he was an extremely young girl, and shortly after asked him to meet up at the Ace hotel and James seemed more than happy to do so.

More Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Later, in 2018, several allegations of sexual misconduct were made against James Franco once again, this time by students at his former acting school.

This time the allegations were pursued more seriously and a lawsuit was filed too. This lawsuit was settled in February 2021.

James Franco’s Response

James Franco hasn’t said much about the whole situation except deny the allegations on him vehemently. His legal team did not comment either.

We May Never See Seth Rogen And James Franco Together On The Big Screen Ever Again

Although previously, in the midst of all these allegations, Seth Rogen had said he would continue working with James Franco, that has changed now.

He has made it quite clear that he will not work with James Franco again. He has already taken the step and says that it is not a coincidence that we haven’t seen them share screen space in the past few years while it was a regular occurrence before that.

Seth Rogen And James Franco In Movies Together

Their movies together include Pineapple Express– their first project after “Freaks and Geeks”-, This Is the End, The Interview, and The Night Before. They also produced the film The Disaster Artist together.


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