See Michael B Jordan REPLACE Henry Cavill as DCEU’S SUPERMAN in Epic Fan Art


Recently in the Warner Bros. production house, several projects of DCEU centering around the top characters presented by the comic legend has started making their move towards a new era. With the inclusion of the multiverse, the role of Batman is going to be played by Robert Pattinson, the character of Black Adam is going to be played by The Rock, and the blockbuster DC movie Shazam is going to get a second installment. Characters like Batgirl are going to make their entrance with new faces. The star from In the Heights Leslie Grace getting Barbara Gordon back on her feet. But the superhero we all have been seeing since childhood, the one guy that made DC one of its own kind, Superman has been out of the to-do list since the declaration that Henry Cavill refused to recur the role anymore. But maybe, that’s going to change now.

What’s Going On?

Recently news emerged that Creed star Michael B. Jordan will be developing an HBO Max broadcast service project that will focus on Val-Zod, a character from various Earth 2 who took the Superman outfit in the absence of Kal-El after he was killed during Darkseid’s attack. Would you hate it if that happens? Ahead of the limited series, a fan went to Instagram and thought about what Val-Zod of Jordan would look like. And yes, it’s fun.

Earth 2 is a cohesive space created by DC comedians so that they can tell other stories with favorite characters without interrupting the continuation of heroes established during DC’s Golden Age. It’s another example of how a different approach to the cinema can open up new storytelling sites … but also, how it can confuse readers and casual viewers who may be wondering how Michael B. Jordan could be Superman without being Clark Kent.

One of these will be highlighted by The Flash, a new DC film made next to Ezra Miller‘s version of speedster shot by Andy Muschietti as we speak. The film is rumored to be immersing itself in multiverse thought, even starring two Batmen from two different eras – Ben Affleck‘s SnyderVerse Batman and Michael Keaton‘s Batman – to show what other hero versions could be. live together.

Val-Zod has some interesting facts about his background that could build a connection to the ongoing DCEU. For example, he managed to escape the exploding Krypton with Kal-El and Kara Zor-Al, an actor we saw on DC television programs, but we have yet to see in a modern DC movie. However, the Flash movie I mentioned will introduce Supergirl, starring Sasha Calle, and what if she is Kara Zor-El of Earth 2? That could be one way for Flash to get into the HBO Max series, as Warner Bros.

At the moment, we have fan art. It may take longer to get more details on this HBO Max series. Also, DC has a habit of announcing projects, only to disappear into the comic book ether. Hopefully, that won’t be the case over here, so keep your fingers crossed, and turn your eyes to the sky.

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