Scarlett Johansson Had a SECRET CRUSH On Chris Evan While Filming Winter Soldier

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans are like best friends to each other and both have known each other since their childhood. But there are some details about them that some people don’t know.

We will tell all about them and how they meet to how both are support each other and also love each other in a friendly way but not afraid to flirt with each other from time to time.

Here is a fun fact do you know when they starred together in their first movie ….. if you guessed Captain America: Winter Soldier you’re a little off because you first did a movie in 2004. when they were just teenagers back then.

After that, they were seen together spending time with each other as normal best friends would do and there are many cute videos of them on the internet as well.

Now watch this Bundle of flirting with each other of them.

Now coming to the part when they shot for Captain America in 2012 and they had a kissing scene in a movie which made quite a headlines and said that were dating and on many occasions, they have been linked together and considered to even as dating with each other secretly that and many other things.

But One thing is for sure that they are not dating and they stopped bothering with these questions really and sometimes just accept that they are dating and they both don’t only don’t know about it.

That’s their way of messing with the media.

But things just didn’t end on that In a Recent Interview Scarlett has confessed to being Chris Evans to be hot and That she had a major crush on him during the time they were filming for their movie Captain America: Winter Soldier.

But that’s not it Chris Evans also has told in an interview that he also had a crush on Scarlett Johansson way back.

Though this is only natural only as both are good looking actors and have been friends for the longest time and it could be mean in a friendly way too but as of now till 2021 they have never dated each other and also in many interviews they told they don’t see it happening and just happy they both are there for each other as Best friends.

But is that there to their story.

A video shared by GoalCost on their youtube channel tells a shocking truth about both the actors and how they saved each other.

Some Fans reacted to this video and were in awe of both the actors and how a true friendship looks like in the modern world.

In case you have not Watched their movies we suggest some of those.

we will keep you updated more about their story and their lives till then you can check some other articles.


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