Raising Dion Season 3 Release Date; Is it Renewed or Canceled?

The rise of Black superheroes being portrayed on screens began after the release of Black Panther in the year 2018. What seemed like a dream to many black kids, was finally being manifested on screens where black individuals were not reduced to characters who underwent atrocities at the hands of white individuals but rather individuals who value their tradition and culture and embrace their difference in the face of adversity.  One such superhero story is that of ‘Raising Dion’, a show based on the comics by Dennis Liu which garnered fame with its release in the year 2019 on Netflix. A Michael B. Jordan production, that follows the story of a widowed Nicole Reese and her struggles of “Raising Dion”, her son with superhuman abilities, which now becomes an added responsibility for her to hide from people who are trying to get to her son. In this article, we shall discuss Raising Dion Season 3.

Raising Dion Season 3

Cancellation of Raising Dion Season 3

Sammi Haney took it to Instagram to express her feelings about the cancellation of her show, ‘Raising Dion’ which starred Alisha Wainwright and Ja’siah Young along with an amazing supporting cast.  She additionally stated that the cancellation of the show will help her accept more roles in the future.

Michael B. Jordan’s passion project came to an end when Netflix decided to cancel a string of Sci-Fi shows such as ‘The Circle’ along with ‘Raising Dion Season 3’. Over the past couple of years, Netflix has faced criticism for canceling shows or not renewing shows despite its high demand, however, they are infamous for raising the prices of subscriptions which causes more of the audience to seek better and affordable streaming services. The money troubles faced by Netflix has been cited as one of the main reason for the multiple cancellations of beloved shows of fans on the streaming services, including ‘Raising Dion’.

Representation In the Show

The fans expressed their love for the portrayal of a young black superhero taking over the screens without the necessary display of gore or violence and they were highly appreciative of the extra display of child-like innocence from the actors. Along with the previously mentioned statements, many found it easy to identify with Alisha Wainwright’s character as Dion’s widowed mother, Nicole Reese who has the responsibility of taking care of her child in the absence or rather death of the other parent. This reality is sadly the reality of many black parents in the United States of America which could be one of the reasons why her character seems extremely relatable to many of the fans.

The character portrayed by Sammi Haney also was given importance as her character wasn’t reduced to her disabilities. This particular portrayal, along with the fact that show speaks to the struggles of black parenting in a population where blacks are often treated as a minority, was upheld and spoken greatly of by Alisha Wainwright.

Additionally, the portrayal of POC characters should be high in demand as people are being more aware of the realities of daily life rather than deciding to subscribe to the White generic storylines that are followed by Hollywood.

Possibility of Renewal of Raising Dion Season 3

Sadly, there is no news about any renewal of Raising Dion Season 3. The low ratings and the additional budget cuts from Netflix made it very clear that a renewal is not something ‘Raising Dion’ could look forward to. Many fans expressed their disappointment with the cancellation of the show. It’s not every day you see a black superhero on screens. Despite the cancellation of Raising Dion Season 3 it is refreshing to see the portrayal of black children as children themselves with school and friendships struggles, without their race being a burden to carry, rather than race being something that is their identity they have acknowledged and are proud of.

The Cast of Raising Dion

  • Alisha Wainwright
  • Jason Ritter
  • Rome Flynn
  • Michael B. Jordan
  • Griffin Faulker
  • Jazmyn Simon
  • Ali Ahn
  • Josh Ventura
  • Aubriana Davis

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