PS5’s ‘Returnal’ Is Challenging and Sparks Debate About It’s Difficulty

Return is now available on PS5, and it was well-received when it was first released. Despite the criticism, there are still some people struggling with the difficulties of the game, which of course marks the beginning of a new chapter in the game.

The game is similar to a third-person shooter, but it also incorporates many different types and ideas.

Despite the foresight, returnees often feel like Sagittarius from hell, with alien creatures spitting out countless areas of energy that you need to avoid. You can even get rewards for avoiding clicks.

The loop structure also means that the game feels like a villain. Each “race” is an individual; every time you play a game, the planets will change, and you will collect different weapons and fight different enemies along the way.

There are also some items in Metroid, and the obstacles you encounter cannot be unlocked until you unlock the items you need.

Or “Skill First”, for example, you will be blocked by an electrified network, until you receive a giant lightsaber, you can not cut them off.

In the “video game complexity debate,” gamers compete against game reporters or inexperienced gamers and tell them to get it right and solve the complex issues they claim in the game.

This legend has many chapters, the most famous of which is: “Should the Dark Soul have a simple pattern?”

It affected the designer’s intention and accessibility, but the discussion returned this time was somewhat different. As far as I know, the conflict here is not really caused by difficulties in the traditional sense.

Most critics do not complain that the battles in the game are too difficult or too easy to die. On the contrary, the complaint comes from an extremely long rogue race, and there is no way to get a middle ground.

For many players, it is unrealistic to spend two hours of uninterrupted time to complete around.

You have disabled players who can’t play for a long time, and your most common situation is your parents dealing with children who don’t need to play for 1 to 2 hours each time.

Postcards Once again, no one I have ever met has asked for a checkpoint to understand how you died and reappeared at some point in the game, which runs counter to the whole concept of hooliganism, and is merely the ability to effectively stop the game.

The general comment says that it may take up to 2 hours to get started. For me, this question is less difficult than the “Dark Soul” simple mode debate, because it is not difficult in the true sense.

The ability to stop the game and resume it later is undeniable and should not cause any damage to the game. Running two hours in this type of movie might be a bit long, which also makes sense.

The refund will definitely be good. Due to its periodic structure and ruthlessness, if many players fight repeatedly in almost the same scene, they will feel frustrated.

Death is not always funny. However, it also combines countless interesting things in a smooth and thoughtful way, from the atmosphere of strangers to the excitement of great arcade shooting.


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