Could Christopher Reeve’s Superman Join Michael Keaton and Ezra Miller in The Flash Movie

Since there are already many Superheroes web series are happening in the DC universe there are chances that Christopher Reeve‘s Superman and Michael Keaton could be joining The Flash movie. Now since we know Flash can travel to different earth and has the power to create different timelines and there has already been that happening in the webs series of Dc universe and that is a possibility that it can happen in the movie too.

Now Dc universe doesn’t follow a timeline and doesn’t like to give away things and let people guess what they love is to just throw the entire thing to your face.

Now let’s Talk Who is Christoper Reeve. Christoper Reeve is the first Superman let say in 90’s he was the one who played the iconic role of Superman in the movie. His Role of Superman was widely applauded and from there on that Superman in underwear also became more and more popular through many decades.

Who is Michael Keaton?

Keaton is an American actor who similarly like Christoper Reeve played the role Of Batman in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns, he is also famous for the iconic dialogue, “I am Batman”.

Now let’s talk about Erza Miller aka The Flash. He played the role of Flash in the justice league movie and his Flash version is a little different so far. The reason he is different can be based on many theories.

  • Firstly where he is right on the earth I can be parallel earth and Dc is showing a story from different earth so far.
  • Secondly, he has the power to travel back in time and as well in the future that’s why the lighting is also different when he runs.
  • The third can be that he is still learning to use his power.

Now to put all this Together and the theories can be made up yes that’s right if you have guessed it he will traveling in time where will be able to see the previous Batman and Superman. While this is true the flash movies always include him traveling in the time or into the speed force and that always has some consequences.

Bringing all together there is a fair chair chance that we will see some of the heroes in the upcoming movies DC universe ad there has been news has been already confirmed about Keaton joining The Flash now it could be iconic in many ways firstly the role of Batman and where he will say his iconic dialogue and that will lead to instant popularity again.

Secondly, Superman is in his Classic clothes and too by the legend himself and that after 30 years wow can we seriously say it’s the biggest comeback in history.

Lastly that this could just not be for one movie right so many things for one movie Nah!!! we can surely see them in more of the franchise and now the total choice is of DC to whom to bring and add. But we won’t mind if they bring legends back.


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