Paul Rudd CHEATING SCANDAL May Explain Sour Relation with Wife Julie Yaeger

Paul Rudd and wife Julie Yaeger’s relationship

Paul Rudd is difficult not to like. He’s hilarious, charismatic, great, youthful, and, by all reports, a genuinely lovely man. He’s a true keeper, which explains why he’s been married to Julie Yaeger since the 1990s. Paul Rudd who starred in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and The Shrink Next Door which premiered on Apple TV, is quite private about his life. The actor does not have any social media account except a fan page on Instagram. We were fortunate to unearth some nuggets about his relationship with Yaeger and their kids, who are obviously the core of his extremely private existence, that he’s dropped over the decades.

Rudd and Yaeger, a professional journalist and screenwriter, have been wedded since 2003. The couple resides in New York City and is blessed with two children. As the reports suggest the couple leads a happy and blissful life. Rudd and Yaeger’s connection appears to be strong especially after so many years. In the era of 1990s and 2000s, Yaeger worked as a publicist before branching out into a screenplay. The couple also is the owner of a candy shop in New York namely, Samuel’s Sweet Shop.

How did they first meet?

As soon as Paul finished filming Clueless in the year 1995, the star decided to shift to New York. He was overdue to an appearance the very first day he came in the city, so he placed his baggage with a young woman who worked at his publicist’s desk, who volunteered to watch after it, according to a feature in Nylon Guy. Yaeger was the woman in question. Paul and Julie got hitched in the year 2003. Rudd made an appearance in the movie written by their wife Julie, namely, Fun Mom Dinner. Molly Shannon, Adam Scott as well as Toni Collette are also featured in the drama involving four mothers who believe they have almost nothing in common besides their children but finish up enjoying a wild night. Even though the movie received mixed reviews, parents will appreciate the humor.

The couple welcomed their first child Jack Sullivan Rudd in the year 2006 and their second child, namely, Darby Rudd in the year 2010. The couple sets an example for the other Hollywood couples. Paul Rudd had no idea when he encountered his eventual wife Julie Yeager that she would become his soul mate and best buddy. He is a well-liked actor. The film titled This is 40 was based on the real-life story of Paul and Julie. The star pair made recordings of their conversations for picturizing this film. The film is a depiction of efforts a couple faces as they grow 40 together. The star couple like other high-profile couples wishes to keep their life personal.

The two have been married for eighteen years yet many of the actor’s fans don’t even know he’s already married and has two kids. Maybe being this secretive is the key to such a long-lasting relationship. Initially, there is no authenticated news of Paul cheating on Julie and this is just a hoax.


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