Letitia Wright on DEATH BED and GRAVELY INJURED While Filming Black Panther 2

Letitia Wright is known to play the role of Shuri sister of T’Challa played by late actor Chadwick Boseman. She was seen as the brilliant mind of Wakanda and a warrior in the Avengers Endgame. After Chadwick Boseman passed away due to cancer many people were left sad and Hollywood lost one of its true gems in 2020.

From that many have tried to guess who will play the role of Black Panther in the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and in 2021 they finally got the hint that Letitia wright will be seen as Black Panther in the upcoming installment of the movie.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever finally got into production in  2021 after getting delayed over the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic. After announcing that they have begun shooting for the movie almost after one and half months. Letitia Wright got injured during a dangerous stunt in the movie in the streets of Boston as confirmed by the stories so far.

She was rushed to the hospital and where she was admitted for a few days and her spokesperson told the media and said that she is not seriously injured but she has suffered some damage and it’s nothing serious.

So, no one has to worry about it and can expect her to be back for shooting in a few days. But shortly after that Letitia went back to the hospital again and was declared that her legs condition has become worse and she is thinking of shifting to her London home and taking some time off from the shooting for a black panther but assured her fans that she will back soon.

But she was in news for most of the time in other forms except her movie black panther 2. She made comments on Anti-Vax and for that, she was treated harshly on Twitter.

But as of December 2021, she has assured her fans and asked them to keep her in there that she recovers soon and be back to the set of Black Panther.

But fans believe she might be exiting from the Black panther 2 due to serious health concerns. As of now, nothing has been said by her team and her spokesperson.

Many of the fans had rooted for her to see as Black Panther and this is becoming reality almost but due to serious injury, she is no longer can be seen in the role as she needs time to recover and get back to the sets.

She has become bedridden in her London home and seems like she cants more for some time now and that is a serious concern as she is showing no improvement in her health and can be on death bed if she doesn’t make any progress soon.

The truth is nobody knows what going inside but due to her grave injury, she has become like this.

we hope she gets better for her and her fans who are here keeping her in their prayers and support from all over the world.

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