Ozark Season 4: Major DEATH FLAG for Marty Byrde in Finale Season

Ozark is a Netflix popular hit series based on the person who is selling drugs and getting caught in lots of trouble because of the facts what he does is drug business and karma finally catching up to him and yet he survives every time. Marty Byrde‘s drug is booming but that also increases the chance of him attracting trouble even though he doesn’t want it he is one slip away from losing all his empire while Navarro and police already are looking for him. While we have some details about how Marty Byrde could be doing in Ozark Season 4.

Let’s See Where Season 3 Is Left Off

As those who have seen Ozark Season 3 remember the finale of the last episode ended with the shooting death of Helen Pierce. Helen has tried to cut the Byrdes out of the picture so she has control over Byrde’s assets aiming to also take over his casino from him. But Navarro chose them over her because of the fact how they had helped him throughout this time. All the drama is because of one person Marty Byrde and the season ends on a note that he is being chased and looked at by everyone. That’s season-ending and leaving everyone thinking about what could be possibly happening in Ozark Season 4.

You Can Watch The Season 3 Trailer Here

While Season 3 ended fans started thinking about what could be happening in Ozark Season 4. Not until Netflix dropped a bomb and that suddenly became the death flag for Marty Byrde. you can see the tweet below.

After this fans started taking the first line every serious and believed somebody is going to die next in Ozark Season 4. This became popular insanely and fans started to have theories about it. Once fan shared his theory that Marty Byrde and the people who are currently close to him will be the ones taken out due to one of the other reasons in the final season. While someone shared their opinion and told about time they face consequences of their doing.

“I bet either Wendy or Marty will die in the final season of Ozark,” one person reportedly tweeted in part, according to The Daily Express. Another allegedly agreed on Reddit, saying, “Marty, Wendy, and Charlotte all die for various reasons.” Judging from their lifestyle and everything that’s happened so far, it’s not hard for us to imagine someone being killed off the show. But just to be clear, there’s no word on what’s going to happen to any of the characters in Ozark Season 4.

What Details We Can Have About Season 4 We Will Tell You

The Ozark Season 4 teaser has hinted about a few things and from it, one can think of many things like something from the past is coming up and will face them. This is the final season so Marty Byrde could end up getting killed. So far only we have this information. All decisions have consequences. Catch up on Season 1-3 before Season 4 premieres on January 21, 2022.


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